FreeBalance Inc. develops software solutions for public financial management. The company offers FreeBalance Accountability Suite, a commercial off-the-shelf government resource planning solution in the Web-based and client-server configurations.  Its software suite includes modules for government performance management, public financials management, government treasury management, public expenditure management and civil service management.

This is what an interview with Prasenjit Dutta– Talent Acquisition Specialist at FreeBalance Inc. reveals regarding the current recruitment scenario-

Q1. What are the Challenges you are facing w.r.t finding Good Talent in the Market?
There are a couple of challenges like not being able to find the candidates with the relevant skill sets required for a particular job role. Also the salary expectations of the candidates are too difficult to be met. At times we find the right candidates but they are not open to relocation.

Q2. Are there any specific skills where you see more demand coming in for your business?
I would say JAVA, Python, AI would be more in demand in the coming times.

Q3. What is your Entry Level Talent Hiring Strategy?
We have an in-house recruitment team that gets in touch with placement coordinators of campuses for hiring freshers. The resumes are synced in with the Applicant Tracking System and the candidate profiles are screened and shortlisted for further processes of selection. Apart from this, career platforms such as, LinkedIn and these days social media channels like Facebook, Twitter also help us connect with the right talent. We generally look for BTech and MCA graduates having done some relevant courses.

Q4. Is your Company focusing on offering live projects and Internships to students?
No we do not have any opportunity for Internships or live projects, we only focus on hiring for permanent jobs. All our projects are from the Govt. and we have no private clients, therefore offering internships or live projects does not become feasible. So we only have full time employees who handle the different jobs and functions in the Organisation.

Q5.  What is the Future Talent Strategy in your Organization for Upcoming Skills in Tech/Analytics?
We plan on bringing improvements in the present Applicant Tracking System, coordinating with the company to move into AI, and embracing more of social media channels as that’s going to bring a huge shift in the recruitment sourcing scenario. In the coming future a lot of companies would do away with recruitment portals and social media channels would serve the purpose.