It’s been a month since lockdown has started in our country.

Well, as expected, a lot of people have started using social media more than they normally would... After all, it’s the only way you can get any sort of social interaction.

During the lockdown, people have fully embraced social media, leading to a significant shift in digital interaction and content consumption. We've observed an unprecedented rise in screen time, with a notable 25% increase in engagement on platforms like Instagram. However, it is TikTok that has particularly stood out, experiencing a surge in both user base and content creation. The platform has become a hub for creative expression and community building, offering a unique blend of entertainment and information. This surge in popularity is reflected in the 72% increase in #ad content by influencers, indicating a major shift in marketing strategies towards these platforms.

                         -Source (The Drum)

A few trends and social media influencers have been making the most out of this. They have to adapt & change their methods due to the current world situation.

Below we’ll discuss a few examples of social media trends that have been going on lately!

1. Instagram Live & Youtube Live

A ton of brands have also been taking their messaging online. Personal influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Jay Shetty, etc. have been doing a great job at it too.

Gary Vaynerchuk has basically started his own show “Tea Time with Gary” where he goes LIVE on different social media platforms and answers a bunch of the questions from his highly engaged audience. Jay Shetty has also started a series called “20 days of Meditation” where he goes LIVE on Instagram & Youtube and helps his audience meditate with him.

Netflix has also launched a new Instagram Live series to help users cope with their mental health during the coronavirus crisis. It features stars from some of their most popular shows. The stars talk about their lives, mental health, how they are coping with the current situation, etc.

2. Challenges & Tasks

Due to the situation right now, there’s an extreme rise in online streaming service usage. Disney has decided to partner with Hotstar to create a new platform Disney+Hotstar, which launched on April 3rd.

A virtual red carpet was also held on the launch day of this streaming service. Users were able to interact on the social feed on the platform during the premiere. They could chat with their friends and family, share photos and badges with them and the rest of India, and also interact with some of their favourite celebrities attending the red carpet premiere event with them from the safety of their homes.

Asian Paints also decided to launch a new ad using their previous catchphrase “Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai”. The ad shows various activities done when families are together in their homes and spending time with each other. People can be seen playing chess, ludo, attending the meeting through video calls, and so on.

You can watch the full ad here: Asian Paints Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai - #StayHomeStaySafe

To also spread optimism and positivity, the brand announced another campaign #LiveFromHome featuring artists across categories performing LIVE from their homes. While a change in routine, different work settings, and social distancing have been tough for many, the little ray of hope for us is the internet through which we can continue to communicate.

3. Donation Drives

NGOs like Uday foundation, Akshaya Patra, etc have been doing a lot of donation drives for the coronavirus.

Homeless people are hardly aware of the dangers of Coronavirus and the solutions available to fight against it. The current Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak continues to spread, with growing numbers of confirmed cases in India. This makes lakhs of homeless living on the streets with a lack of ability to self-quarantine, access to medical care acutely vulnerable.

They have been distributing food supply kits & sanitation kits to the less fortunate people who’ve lost their jobs, people who can’t afford it, etc.

It’s an amazing initiative that these guys are taking for the benefit of society.

You can check them out here:

4. Online Courses

We’ve also been doing our part in helping society during this time of crisis.

A ton of our microlearning courses have been reduced in prices so that people don’t have to worry about their financial condition for their education.

Your health is your #1 priority but so is your education. You need to grow and accelerate in your career. In this time of lockdown, we’re trying to make it as easy as possible for people to learn a new skill or explore a new career path.

These microlearning courses are aimed to give you a solid understanding of a career path before you decide to pursue it full-time.
You can check out the different types of courses that we’re offering here: Micro-Learning Online Certificate Courses For Students & Working Professional

The courses start from as low as ₹10.

We also donated a little bit of money towards the crisis, you can check that out here:

We’re in this together, stay safe!