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How to Crack an Accenture Interview for a Social Media Moderator?

How to Crack an Accenture Interview for a Social Media Moderator?

Accenture is a Multinational Company (MNC) Company where every fresher and experienced wants to join them due to the packages and the tremendous working environment.

Today in this article, I will guide you on how you can crack the Accenture Interview for a Social Media Moderator Role.

First, Let’s understand the role of the Social Media Moderator. Then after I will mention the steps to apply for that designation at Accenture.

Role of Social Media Moderator

If you wish to know how to get a job as a Social Media Moderator, first, you need to understand the purpose behind the whole concept. Social media has emerged as the most preferred medium of conducting business today. Almost all businessmen are using this platform for various purposes like promoting their products and services, marketing their brand, and developing business relationships with customers. To get maximum benefits from this platform, it becomes imperative that a company chooses a Social Media Moderator as it plays an essential role in managing and organizing the overall strategy and goals of the company.

Social media sites have several advantages and can prove to be very useful for business owners. A professionally developed profile page can create an image of the company that would attract many prospective clients and enhances the brand value. As a result, these media sites can help companies reach out to more people and increase sales volume. This is why more firms are hiring a professional who can manage their social media accounts successfully.

However, it is essential to choose a person who can effectively handle the daily activities and handle the company's reputation in the online world. Social media has played a crucial role in the marketing strategy of many companies, and hence the role of a Social Media Administrator is vital. They have to monitor and keep a check on the activities of the various users. The administrator has to regularly update the profile page and provide helpful information to the visitors. It is the sole responsibility of the Social Media Manager to respond to queries by the visitors or the clients.

How to Apply for Social Media Moderator at Accenture

Here are the steps you have to follow for Social Media Moderator Designation at Accenture:-

Step 1:- Visit this Link

Step 2:- Sign up as a Candidate

Step 3:- Fill in all the appropriate details

Step 4:- After Completion of Registration Visit here

Step 5:- You’ll see the search box where you have to search for Social Media Moderator.

Step 6:- Once you get your preferred designation, don’t forget to check the job description of that particular role.

Step 7:- Apply for that job by filling in all the details after clicking on the Apply Now button.

Step 8: Once you upload your CV, Basic and Advanced details, you have to wait for two weeks. One of their HR Representatives will call you, and she will take an introductory interview.

How many rounds do I have to face to get a job at Accenture?

There will be a total of three rounds you have to clear to get an offer letter from Accenture.

Skills required to be a Social Media Moderator

You must have good interpersonal skills. You must be well versed with various technologies that are used for social media. You must be interested in the multiple applications used for these services. The main thing is to make people happy by providing them excellent services.

A successful candidate should be aware of every minute detail about the job. He should be able to identify the social media management strategies employed by the company. He should be able to analyze the performance of the company's media specialist, and he should be familiar with the strategy adopted by the company for the purpose of media management. This is one of the most important parameters for consideration when you want to work as a social media moderator.

The basic requirements of this job include the ability to work on a team. In addition, you must have an interest in social media and interact with other professionals who are involved in this field. Moreover, you must keep yourself updated with the latest technologies being used for web presence.