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10 Best Social Media Marketing Tools That Will Keep You One Step Ahead In 2022

10 Best Social Media Marketing Tools That Will Keep You One Step Ahead In 2022

In less than 5 years, Social Media becomes an essential part of our entity. Since Covid-19 came into the picture in December 2019, it has completely changed the landscape of the businesses. With companies embracing Work from Home, it is not amazing that smart insights show a 45% increase in the usage of Social Media networks daily.

Currently more than half of the World Population are active on some form of Social Media Channel. So considering the above scenario the businesses are aggressively shifting to online and using social media to showcase their products and services worldwide.

Here Social Media Marketing Tools comes into the picture to connect the dots and help businesses to flourish during this ongoing pandemic and changing marketing trend.

So if you genuinely want to grow your business then you must sincerely consider adding the following Social Media Marketing Tools which will help you from producing and publishing content to analytics and reporting. These tools will channelize the workflow and make sure that your content regarding your businesses reaches the right set of audiences.

The list of Social Media Marketing Tools is divided into two parts:

Social Media Marketing Tools For Small-Medium-Businesses

1. Biteable

When it comes to creating video content that is more engaging than text content then this social media marketing tool will help you in many ways.

With Biteable you can smoothly create engaging, instructional, and enjoyable short video content that will attract your audience to your product and services.

This tool is super easy to use and handy with a plethora of free videos, templates, music, and footage available on it. You can easily create studio-quality short and informative videos and make use of them for your businesses.

2. Buffer

With these social media marketing tools, you can manage all of your social media accounts at once and also schedule the content on each and every platform prior.

You can also use a buffer chrome extension to add content from the internet and share it in one go. Moreover, you can also access complex analytics to measure your content performances.

3. Hootsuite

This tool brings incredible value to your business as they can keep an eye on multiple social media channels at once. You can easily curate the content and schedule it in advance. You can easily see the analytics data that show you the performance of your content.

This social media marketing tool will help you in seeing the audience gossip about your product and services and also help you in managing your team members.

4. Sprout Social

This social media marketing tool is great when it comes to building community for your brand and it also manages the ongoing conversation and provides you with actionable insights to drive real growth and impact on your business.

Sprout Social will provide you messages from fans and followers in one stream and you can also filter the messages which you want to see. It is a hub for real people with real brand and their connections.

5. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is much more than a social media marketing tool as it is a significant calendar to manage many features of your marketing. It is very easy to use as it gives you a drag and drop option to make it smooth to collaborate with your team members to create social media content.

It is great to use for small-medium businesses as it will help to organize all of your projects( Social media, events, Content, Emails ) in one place. The Requeue feature in the CoSchedule allows you to automatically find the good time of posting and fill the void in the social media schedule with one of your best performing posts.

Social Media Marketing Tools For Enterprise Businesses

1. Sprinklr

This social media marketing tool is a unified SaaS platform that is designed to help companies observe and interact with customers and prospects' overall digital media channels. It keeps an eye on social media channels, review sites, and messaging streams to reach, engage and listen to their customers for their businesses.

This tool has the ability to visualize and analyze the results of digital advertising campaigns so it is one of the favorites for enterprise business.

2. HubSpot

This Social Media Marketing tool is also known as an all-in-one tool in the online industry. In this, you will get all the tools in one place which is required by enterprise businesses to simplify inbound marketing. You can easily optimize lead tracking and conversion as it got an integrated CRM system. Moreover, it is also helpful in SEO by tracking your keywords and uplifting your site ranking.

3. Khoros

This Social Media Marketing tool is used by the leading MNC in the world. This Social media campaign management allows a company to manage, Observe, and measure its communication across all digital marketing channels. Khoros is super easy to use and reliable for the medium and enterprise business level.

4. Nuvi

Nuvi is one of the Social Media Marketing tools that allows its user to create segments of data. This tool provides real-time visualization of data and insights of social media to help you in making the decision of your social media strategy smoothly. This tool also helps users to publish and engage on social media platforms accurately.

5. BuzzSumo

This Social Media Marketing tool will keep you aware of how your content is doing out there on social channels. With this super tool, you can easily track your competitors and do an analysis based on the competitor's content. It will also be helpful in finding out the trending and most shared content on social channels so that you can configure your content accordingly and perform well on social channels.


With day by day increasing people and businesses on social media, it is a great opportunity for your business to flourish well and grab potential clients by using social media channels according to your business. The Social media marketing tools that are discussed above will be your helping hand in the ocean of social media channels and surely they will grab the result for you. So what are you waiting for? Make use of each and every social media marketing tool in 2022 to uplift your business.

If you want to learn more about Social Marketing tools, check out our Digital Marketing Course to become a complete digital marketer with expertise in search engine optimization(SEO), social media, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content, mobile, and email marketing.


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