Full-stack vs. Android Development vs. iOS Development - Which Should You Choose?

Full Stack Developer vs. Android Developer vs. iOS Developer - Which Should You Choose?

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Are you an aspiring developer but confused about the specialization to go for? There is no doubt that Full-stack development, Android development, and iOS Development are the most sought-out careers among emerging developers. Whether it’s a startup or a well-established organization, skilled developers get high-paying job opportunities everywhere.

This article covers everything that you need to know before deciding on your career path as an emerging developer. Here, you will find all aspects including the differentiating factors, versatility, and potential career opportunities in each of these fields.

So, if you are finding it difficult to choose the right career option among these 3, then you don’t have to look any further.

1. Introduction to Full-stack, Android Development, and iOS Development

A Full-stack developer is one who can work on both the client-side and server-side of the application. He is considered to be a unicorn in the field of horses as he has both the front-end stack as well as the back-end stack in his arsenal. The full-stack development needs hands-on experience on the tech stack like JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, and Express.

Android Development is for those who are inquisitive and artistic. It provides you the liberty to maneuver your career in mobile development for Android Operating System. Android development can be lucrative and profitable since Android is an open-source OS and is the most popular OS.

iOS Development deals with the development of mobile applications for Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Swift, XCode, and UIkit are some of the tech stacks necessary for a person to be an iOS developer.

2. Analyzing the Difference

Before getting any further, knowing the difference between these three technologies is vital. Web development differs from mobile development by miles. A Full-stack developer deals with web development while an android developer and an iOS developer are mobile app developers.

  • A Full-stack developer is responsible for the development of full-fledged web applications that meet the client’s needs.
  • Although both the android developers and iOS developers are mobile app developers, comparing them would be like comparing apples with oranges.
  • An android developer develops mobile applications that are compatible with android. Since android is an open-source operating system, it gives android developers more freedom.
  • Mobile applications compatible with iOS are designed and developed by iOS developers. Objective-C, Swift, and iOS SDK are some of the stacks used by them.

3. Versatility

This section will totally be dominated by full-stack developers. A full-stack developer not only does the job of both front-end and back-end developers but he/she also develops applications that are compatible with almost all web browsers. These applications and websites are not device-specific unlike android and iOS development.

Now comes an android developer that finishes second on this list. An android developer is a little constrained as he/she is responsible for developing android specific apps. An iOS developer is similarly constrained but what gives an android dev an upper hand is the open-source nature of Android OS. Developers all around the world are allowed to constantly test and add new features to Android and contribute to its success.

4. Demand and Job Opportunities

There is huge competition among full-stack developers, and the reason is their rising demand in the market. And what makes this field a lucrative option as a career is its versatility and the high-paying job opportunities.

Android development is more restricted to building applications for only android devices, has a slightly lesser number of developers. However, due to the lesser number of highly skilled android developers, there is great potential in this field.

According to recent reports, there is an estimated percentage of about 10% of iOS developers across the globe. Due to the least competition, and higher demands, this is a fine career option, but the job locations do not include many countries of the world.

Final Verdict

If you have reached up to this point in the article, you must have got an idea by now that who among these three is outshining. Clearly, a full-stack developer is most demanded as compared to the android and iOS developers everywhere whether it’s a startup or an established tech giant due to the factors discussed above and with demand, increase the jobs and salary too.

Technology is evolving every day and to keep up with the pace you also need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends. Whether it’s web development or mobile development, every niche requires creativity, curiosity, and consistency is all that you need to have a lucrative career.

We hope that this blog gave you an insight into what to choose among these 3 as your career option.  Hence we conclude the blog with this.

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