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List of Top 15 Companies For Which You Should Apply

List of Top 15 Companies For Which You Should Apply

Most of us heard about the top companies of the world like FAANG and other tech giants. But, there are many companies apart from these which have amazing work culture, pay scale, and reputation in the industry. In this list, you will find names of those companies, domain of their work in which they hire actively.

List of  15 companies you should apply

1. Google


Who doesn’t know Google, It is an MNCs that works in the domain of Internet-related services and products, like online advertising  (Ad-sense), search engine (, cloud computing (Google cloud platform), AI (Google Assistant), and many more services like play store, YouTube, etc.

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2. Amazon


Amazon is also one of those companies which have impacted almost every corner of the world in the last two decades. It deals in the domain of E-commerce (,, etc.), cloud computing (AWS), digital streaming (Prime Video), and AI ( Amazon Alexa).

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3. Microsoft

80% of Personal computers around the world run on windows only, which is a product of Microsoft. Their domain of works includes Computer software (Windows, Microsoft Edge, MS Office, etc), electronics ( Microsoft Surface ), gaming technologies ( Xbox series ).


Microsoft is continuing its legacy for decades. Recently with the launch of Windows 11, it has gained a new height.

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4. Apple


Apple is the world's most valuable company that specializes in consumer electronics, software, and other online services.

Their major products are MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, macOS, iOS, iMac, iCloud. Employees that work in the software domain have to develop software for all these devices.

5. Adobe


Adobe is a US-based MNC that specializes in computer software. Some of their legendary products are Photoshop (Image-Editing software), Adobe premiere pro (Video-Editing software), Acrobat reader (PDF reader and creator), and many more.

Adobe is the company that developed the most widely used document format i.e. PDF.

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6. JP Morgan & Co

J.P. Morgan

It was founded 150 years back, now a subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase. It was a commercial and investment banking institution founded in 1871. Nowadays, they provide Fintech solutions to the world’s top corporations, governments, and institutions in more than 100 countries across the globe.

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7. Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs

Another financial institution was founded 152 years back. It is a multinational investment bank and financial services company. They work in the domain of investment agencies, asset management, securities underwriting, etc.

Majorly they hire Data scientists to predict future market stats to maximize their profits.

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8. Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley was founded in 1935 by the grandson of JP Morgan and others. It is also a Multinational investment bank and financial services company. They provide fintech solutions to corporate, governments, and individuals. The work domain of JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley is almost similar, both are the top-notch Fintech companies of the world.

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9. Intuit

Intuit is an American MNC that specializes in Fintech. 95% of their revenue comes from the US only. They work in the domain of Tax Filing ( TurboTax ), personal finance app ( Mint ),


Intuit is a company that has one of the best work cultures and work-life balance when their India-based offices are considered.

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10. Atlassian


It is an Australian firm that develops software and tools for Software developers and collaborative tools. Some of their major products are Bitbucket (Code hosting service like GitHub), Jira ( bug tracking and agile project management).

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11. D.E. Shaw

D.E. Shaw

D.E. Shaw is a New York-based investment management firm. It is known for developing complex mathematical models and sophisticated computer programs to exploit anomalies in the stock market.

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12. Nutanix


Nutanix is an American cloud computing company. Their domain of work includes cloud services ( Desktop as a service, disaster recovery as a service, cloud monitoring, etc. ) and SDS (Software-defined storage, it is an architecture that separates storage software from its respective hardware).

Nutanix hires quite actively in India. Careers page link.

13. Uber


All of us have been in Uber Cab at some point in time. It is an American MNC that is not just a taxi service, it is much more than that. Their domain work includes ride-hailing, transportation services, etc.

Nowadays, Uber is testing flying cars so that they can use them as commercial taxis, who knows that can change the future of transportation.

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14. Sprinklr


Sprinklr is a New York-based company that specializes in developing a CXM (Customer experience management)  platform. The name of their product is also Sprinklr which is a CXM that comprises different applications for Social media marketing, advertising, collaboration, employee advocacy, etc.

It was founded in 2009 and as of September 2020 it has gained unicorn status.

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15. Salesforce


Salesforce is a US-based company that develops cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and a variety of enterprise-level applications majorly in the field of customer service, marketing automation, etc. which are used to create custom solutions for a firm like sales, services, etc.

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Wrapping Up

The above list consists of top-notch companies for which you should apply, these companies have their different reputation in the industry and have amazing work culture as well as pay scale. Do check out their careers page and apply for the role you are eligible for.