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Pursuing Data Science Along With An MBA Degree Made Me Land My Dream Job

Pursuing Data Science Along With An MBA Degree Made Me Land My Dream Job

By- Abhishek Pagare, Board Infinity Alumni

1. Education and Early Career Story

My name is Abhishek. I am from Nashik Maharashtra.

I have done a BTech in Mechanical Engineering from K. K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Education And Research and was placed as a Project Engineer at one of the biggest tire companies in the world.

Presently, I'm a fourth-semester MBA student at NMIMS Mumbai in Supply Chain Management. As a supplementary course to my MBA degree, I thought it would be great to pursue Data Science to enhance my portfolio.

Data Science skills are high in demand in the job market and hold a bright future for professionals. Various companies use machine learning algorithms for business forecasting and for other applications by extracting important information from a large amount of data.

I was advised by a friend of mine to take the Data Science course offered by Board Infinity as it is one of the best online courses available. One of the best things about this course was that it was a short-term course, which I could easily combine with my MBA degree. The prices for other platforms for the same course were all over the place, so I compared the syllabus and decided to enroll in the 1:1 Data Science Course by Board Infinity.

2. Experience with Board Infinity

Board Infinity has been a very satisfying learning experience for me. Since the course was 1:1, the content was tailored to my individual needs, and I was able to learn at my own pace. Our coaches always have helpful suggestions regarding assignments, articles, and websites, so we keep pace with the industry. Working on projects was a great way to make my resume look good and impress the recruiters.

I started studying Data Science two hours a day when I joined Board Infinity in October 2021. The course was highly flexible, and I could learn at my own pace as I also had to prepare for my MBA exams for 1 month. By March 2022, I managed to finish the entire course. My career has changed dramatically in just five months.

3. Placement Journey

Following this, I started applying to Data Science jobs from the outside, and I got placed as a Data Analyst at one of the biggest Data Science firms even before I got to the placement preparation phase.

I am very satisfied with my job. I was offered a better position in Data Science than in Supply Chain Management. As for my future work, I'd certainly like to do something at the intersection of both - Supply Chain Management and Data Science. Until then, I am happy to continue my career in Data Science since I have an analytical mind.

I believe that taking small steps towards a significant change in your life is the key to acing your career.

Thanks to Board Infinity for helping me with my career transition and fulfilling my career dreams!

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