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Why Python Is The Most Versatile Language In 2022

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Do you want to enter the highly sought-after domain of programming but don’t know where to start? Are you confused about which programming language to learn in 2022? Follow this article to know why Python is the most versatile programming language and why you should learn it.  

In today’s digital world, every business makes use of computers in some way or the other. Thus, knowing how to write a computer program sets your apart from the lot. However, to write a computer program, you need to be adept with the knowledge of a programming language. But what’s the most versatile and popular programming language in 2022? Well, the Python programming language is the most popular programming language to learn in 2022 because of its beginner-friendly syntax, ease of use, and its ability to multitask. But why is Python programming language so popular?

Why Python Is Better Than Other Languages

What’s so special about the Python programming language that other languages lack? Well, Python is better than most programming languages, because of the readability of its code which is very much similar to human language. It is a fast, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy programming language that can be used to build scalable web applications. For a person who wants to enter the world of programming, Python can serve as an extremely beginner-friendly programming language.

But why is Python programming language favored by intermediate and expert programmers? It’s because Python, being versatile, can be used for multiple tasks, be it automation of machines, devising Machine Learning algorithms, or just data analysis. There is a reason why web applications like YouTube and Instagram are built on Python.

10 Reasons Why Python Is The Most Versatile Language

So, now that we know why Python is better than other languages, let us discuss the advantages of Python programming language over other languages:

1. Beginner-Friendly Code Syntax [Easy To Learn]

One of the reasons why Python is popular these days is its easy-to-learn code syntax. Python was built with the aim of being a general-purpose beginner-friendly programming language. When starting in the field of programming, everything seems to be overwhelming. In such a case, moving forward with an easy programming language can make things smoother for a beginner.

Moreover, the Python programming language has the best code readability as being a high-level language it’s almost close to human language. This comes in handy when amateur developers read the code to analyze and debug it.

2. Efficient, Versatile, and Reliable

Python programming language allows faster development time to software developers and engineers which is much needed these days, making it efficient. Python is more reliable than most modern programming languages as it can be used in a multitude of platforms and systems without any performance loss issue.

Being one of the oldest programming languages, Python is reliable for software development and deployment and is thus favored by most coders. So, if you want the flexibility of working with just one language for various types of development be it software, game, or even AI/ML, then Python programming language is the best choice for you.

3. Inclusive Community and Awesome Resources

Any programming language does not become popular just because of its easier code syntax. It must have an inclusive community with developer support to gain traction. Python programming language has the most supportive global developer community that provides help and support.

There is no programmer who knows everything. Regardless of your level of programming, you need to spend time on Google looking for answers to language-specific issues. And Python, being 30 years old, has a plethora of documentation for unexpected issues. Moreover, Python having a large community of developers allows you to network with like-minded people and presents a solution to a wide variety of problems.

4. Feature-Packed Libraries and Frameworks

The best thing about programming is that things get repeated and you don’t have to code everything from scratch. There are many instances where some piece of code gets repeated while developing software. This is where libraries and frameworks come into the picture and let you avoid repeating yourself.

Python programming language has an extensive library of modules that provide different features when used in your Python program. So, next time you want to add a feature or functionality to your project, consider using the Python standard library. Want to know more about Python libraries, check out our blog on the most important Python libraries.

5. Used In Academics

Since Python programming language is so popular, it has use cases in almost every major industry. In recent years, Python has proven to be the go-to programming language in most, if not all, academic courses. With an increase in demand for Python developers, the demand for Python instructors also increased. This resulted in more and more courses and bootcamps being taught in Python.

Moreover, Python programming language is the most preferred language when it comes to learning Web Development. With a lot of in-built functions, Python increases the speed of Web Development projects and is thus preferred by expert Web Developers. Want to build Web Dev projects? Check out our blog on the most interesting Web Dev projects.

6. Productivity and Workflow Speed

When building large-scale projects, productivity, and workflow speed matter. What’s the point of making a web application, when you couldn’t launch it to meet the market demand for such applications? So, software deployment becomes equally important as software development. As always, Python takes an edge here. With its clean object-oriented design and strong integration, the Python programming language is quick and easy to work with.

While different languages solve different types of problems, Python stands out as a versatile language for software development. When there’s a team of developers working on a project, having the knowledge of Python helps everyone be on the same page. This helps support workflow as a whole.

7. Automation Made Easy

Time is the most priceless commodity in the world of programming. The less time you spent launching a revolutionary piece of software, the more the chances are that you’ll capture the market. Today almost every other industry is automating its tedious tasks to save time.

And Python programming language gives you access to various tools, modules, and libraries to automate any repetitive task.

There are many other languages for software development, yet developers use Python because of its ease in writing automation scripts.

8. Fast Prototype Development

To build scalable web applications, you first need to test them on a small scale. With Python being quick and easy to work with, developing a prototype of the web app becomes just a matter of days. Packed with awesome frameworks and libraries, the Python programming language makes it super easy and fast for beginners to build a simple web app and then scale it accordingly.

Python is also being used in the Internet of Things (IoT) technology which is a system of internet-connected devices communicating with each other without the need for human intervention. To work in IoT, you should be able to develop scalable projects and for that Python is the standard language.

9. An In-demand Skill with Growth Opportunities

Python programming language is being used by most of the major companies like Netflix and Google. This is the reason why Python developer roles are high in demand. Moreover, these job profiles allow developers to earn a high salary with somewhat less experience. This is the reason, after the simplicity of code, for Python to grow popular as a programming language.

The average salaries of Python Developers indicate that Python is being universally adopted by major tech companies as they are hiring Python developers more in comparison to other programming languages. To know more about why Python developer roles are in demand, check out our blog on why Data Scientists' Fresher Jobs are in demand.

10. An Open Source Tool

Developed under an OSI-approved open-source license, the Python programming language is freely usable for commercial use with its source code being contributed by highly skilled developers around the world. This not only makes developing using Python free but also ensures help and support from an inclusive global community and solutions to Python-specific issues being readily available.


Python programming language is the most versatile language in 2022 and there’s no doubt about it. Evolving at a break-neck speed, Python can now be used to develop various technologies like Big Data, AI/ML, Deep Learning, Game Development, and more. With its growing popularity, Python has become the pinnacle choice of developers over other programming languages. And if you want to upskill yourself to enter the digital world, Python can serve as your stepping stone towards success.

If you want to explore the field of programming with Python, check out our Python Programming Certification Course to get your fundamentals strengthened. And if you know the basics of Python and want to practice your software development skills by building projects, here’s a guide to 50 Python Projects for Beginners.

Written by  - Anuragh Barua, Board Infinity Author


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