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Top 8 IoT Project Topics For Beginners [2022]

Top 8 IoT Project Topics For Beginners [2022]

The Internet of Things is one of the most sought-after emerging technologies today. The past few years have witnessed massive technological achievements in terms of automated intelligent systems. Normal real-life appliances such as cars, A/C, lights, TV, geyser, microwave, and even speakers are now capable of operating on just our voice commands.

All this has been possible with the research and advancements in the area of IoT. If you are an IoT enthusiast and want to materialize your skills, then building some real IoT projects is the best way to start with. This article will walk you through the latest IoT-based projects to give you a head start.

Interesting IoT Topics for Beginners

The following list comprises the best hand-picked interesting IoT project ideas for anyone who wants to get hands-on experience in solving modern-day challenges with their insightful knowledge of IoT.

1. Smart Air Pollution Level Monitor

The decreasing quality of the air that we breathe, is one of the top concerns of the decade. With the increase in development in all areas, whether it's technological or structural development, the air is the first target to get polluted.

A smart monitor to detect the air quality index can be built using the Arduino which will detect the air levels against the optimal AQI. You can also make advancements in the project by adding features like the detection of gas leakages.

2. Face Recognition Bot

Digital face recognition is one of the greatest security aspects. For instance, if you have a face recognition system outside your house, then it can prevent any unwanted entries inside the house.

This system can match the image feeds with the images saved in the inventory, and even alert the controller in case of unmatched identities.

3. Smart Fire Detector

Think of detecting the fire with your own customized fire detection system and instead of an alarm, an AI bot is reaching you. Isn’t it cool? Well, now it is possible with IoT.

This smart fire detector will consider the fire if the temperature of the room reaches up to a certain degree and an AI bot just like Siri will notify you about the fire in its own voice.

4. Weather Reporting System

Weather prediction is something that is used by everyone nowadays. There are apps that indicate the weather parameters like humidity, temperature, AQI, and so on.

You can also develop an IoT-based weather prediction device that can track the various weather parameters like rain, humidity, and temperature, using sensors and live updates from weather forecasting.

5. Home Automation System

Touch-based home automation systems are quite popular nowadays. All the electrical appliances in the home are connected and can be controlled with a single touch. This system is AI-based and you will not be needing switches. The whole setup will be touch-based.

You can also embed the voice detection feature in the system by setting up your voice as the default voice. The system will start taking your commands just like Siri or Google virtual assistant.

6. Liquid Level Detection System

Many industries deal with a huge amount of liquid materials and a system that can automatically monitor the levels of liquid stored in large tanks. This will prevent overflowing and potential leakages.

You can use ultrasonic sensors and conductive sensors to monitor liquid levels. This system can trigger alerts when connected to internet transmission.

7. Smart Alarm Clock

You can convert your usual alarm clock into an IoT-based smart device that can operate on your voice instructions. You can even make the alarm clock interact with other devices of your home connected through the same Wi-Fi connection.

This alarm clock will not only wake you on time, but also interact with other appliances like A/C, lights, and TV. You can command the clock by setting your voice as the default voice.

8. Smart Traffic Detection

This IoT-based traffic management system is different from normal systems. This system is dynamic and will be working according to the traffic density. The system will keep track of this density and send it to the LCD.

The system will have ultrasonic sensors that will detect any false activities by any vehicle like crossing the red light or over speeding. The observations will directly be sent to the commanding station for further action.

Bottom Line

IoT can solve many day-to-day problems and make our lives easy with smart techniques like a smart home automation system or a smart fire detector. These are just a few examples of the miracles that are possible with IoT. If you observe your surroundings more carefully, you can end up thinking of your own IoT project ideas as well.

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