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From 6 Years of Mechanical Engineering to Data Science

From 6 Years of Mechanical Engineering to Data Science

By - Saurav Shirke, Board Infinity Alumni

My decision to switch my major from Mechanical Engineering to Data Science was difficult after studying the subject for six long years. But, once I was confident, I knew I would succeed.

1. My Early Career Journey

I am Saurav. My hometown is Mumbai. As a school kid, I was fascinated by journalism, but since my dad was an engineer, I also considered following in his footsteps.

Following my 10th board exam, I decided to get a diploma in mechanical engineering and graduated with high grades. My next step was to pursue a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering.

Within my first few months of studying mechanical engineering, I discovered the subject was interesting to study, but I did not find the mechanical field rewarding. As a result, I stopped planning to continue in this field and started looking for a new one and joined Reliance as a Third Party Vendor and was working in operations since February 2020.

Before all of this happened, in my last year of college, I had planned my own start-up business which eventually failed but that's where I got to know about the importance of data. I knew about the Data Science field but the idea of career transition was not very pleasing to me until I came across Board Infinity.

A senior of mine was already working with Board Infinity, who was also my first point of contact at Board Infinity. He guided me through the course structure and I was motivated to take it. To be honest, at first, my mind was full of second-guessing and I couldn't decide if this was something I would be able to do. But, eventually, as I explored the field on my own considering my interests, I was confident and ready to drive my life through a new turn.

2. My Experience with Board Infinity

I joined Board Infinity's Data Science Course in May 2021 and my experience with Board Infinity has been better than what I had imagined when I was enrolling in the course.  Let me jump at the best part of this course in no time.

The thorough knowledge-sharing by extremely knowledgeable coaches helped me develop a good understanding of Data Science within a very short period of time. Although I joined as a fresher who had no experience with coding before this, I was allowed to interview for companies once I had completed 4 modules. We had a total of 6 modules in the course.

The first coach, Sumit sir, helped us to navigate the waters of Data Science. The expert clarified a lot of doubts we had regarding the field and helped us understand what the market expectations are and what options are available to us. Additionally, I would like to thank Coach Darshan, who taught us Python and Math recklessly. Because of their guidance, the projects given to us seemed very smooth and I completed them without any difficulty.

3. My Placement Journey

It was because of the way things were taught here that I was able to show the confidence to take up placements after completing the four modules. Genpact arrived with the role of Data Analyst. The technical and HR rounds of the interview were guided by my program manager, Varneet. It was helpful to know what type of questions were asked and how to respond and as I was in sync with Python and SQL, both of the rounds went smoothly. And finally, I made it through the interviews and joined Genpact recently!

It has been a great experience working here at Genpact. For a beginner in this field, it is a big break. Since I am finally doing what interests me, there is no feeling more fulfilling than this.

I'm glad I decided to pursue a career in Data Science. Even though it was mentally challenging, once I started believing in myself, everything began to fall into place.

If you are contemplating a career transition but second-guessing your decision, I urge you to believe in yourself and never stop craving more.

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