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From a Data Science Fresher To A Data Analyst At Genpact: Passion Is The Key

From a Data Science Fresher To A Data Analyst At Genpact: Passion Is The Key

By - Nikhil Waghalkar, Board Infinity Alumni

The key to unlocking your career path is passion. Passion is essential for success. You will never have difficulty transitioning from one career field to another if you are genuinely interested in that field.

I am Nikhil. I hail from Akola in Maharashtra. When I enrolled in the Data Science course at Board Infinity, I had zero subject knowledge. Currently, as I write this, I am waiting for my offer letter from Genpact for a Data Analyst role in 7 months since enrolling in the Data Science course with Board Infinity.

1. My Early Career Journey

I was an average student in school. But, when my Class 10 board exams were just around the corner, I had dedicated myself to them in order to achieve top scores. My goal was to become an engineer. So, I opted for Science in class 11th. However, I had to discontinue it and put a halt to my career for two years due to some serious health problems.

Following my recovery, I decided to enroll in the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering program offered at Amravati and worked hard to score 93%, as I knew only this could help me shape my career better at that point.  As a result of my good score, I was admitted to the College of Engineering, one of the top engineering colleges in Pune, to study Mechanical Engineering in 2018.

At college, I have been performing averagely. In my third year, which was 2020, the pandemic struck, and the job crunch made me concerned about the future of my career in mechanical engineering. The fact that automation is dominating the job industry, being a mechanical engineer seemed like a career field with a high degree of insecurity. Thus, I began to look for better opportunities in various fields.

On LinkedIn, I discovered Board Infinity's courses and wanted to know more about the Data Science course. My first interaction with Board Infinity was with Rishabh Sir. Using his guidance, I got a better understanding of Data Science and its scope, and I assessed my interest in learning the subject before I enrolled myself.

2. My Journey with Board Infinity

In January 2021, I enrolled myself in the Data Science online course with Board Infinity, and ever since then, I have dedicated myself to learning everything related to Data Science.

My learning experience with Board Infinity has been fantastic. Team Board Infinity has been very helpful in guiding me towards my career, explaining every step of the course, and coaching me. Despite being a freshman, the structure of the course was so well constructed that it did not seem challenging at all.  Before enrolling in this course, I had no programming experience, but now I can code in Python. I am extremely thankful to my coaches for being so patient with me. My coach was always available to answer any questions I had, and they responded instantly.

The field of Data Science was completely new to me and I knew I would not be able to make progress without hard work and dedication. Along with what I learned in classes at Board Infinity, I looked into the subject myself because I knew I would need some experience and a job before I could make a start.

3. My Placement Journey

I was surprised when Genpact showed up to recruit before my placement training could begin. Thankfully, I had begun preparing days before and was confident that I would succeed!

During the technical round of the interview, I was asked to write a query and I was tricked into believing that it was incorrect. However, I believe that if you possess knowledge, nothing can shake your self-confidence. Thanks to it, I got a job at Genpact as a Data Analyst and reached the first milestone of pursuing this course.

Career transitions are not as difficult as some of us may think. Being your best only requires a passion for what you do. Everyone is capable of being their best selves, we just need to choose where to go and stick with it.

Data Science has a bright future. In any industry, data is becoming increasingly important and decisions without analysis can completely destroy a company. I believe I am on the right path now and will someday become a Data Scientist at a very senior level and make significant contributions to the world.

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