How To Find The Best Data Science Career Coach

How To Find The Best Data Science Career Coach?

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Seeing your career through and achieving milestones, require timely guidance.

With guidance, you can pretty much cut short your learning curve.

It gives you a huge advantage over your peers. Be it your job search or if you are stuck at crossroads in your professional life, a career coach will serve you very well.

Watch this short video to learn How to get a Career Coach in 3 simple steps.

There are several things with which a career coach can help you. A coach can guide on how to create a perfect resume, how to make yourself accountable, guide you for job hunts too, how to actually get started, give you industry insights, etc.

Yes, you’ll need to pay some money, but you’ll be able to learn so much! (Treat yourself like a business, think of the return on investment)

Let’s see how!

1. Do Your Research

Whomever you plan to choose as a coach, their background research needs to be solid.

After all, you’re trusting them with your hard-earned money!

Take some time out, read-up about them on the internet. Check which news they have appeared in, or whether they have published any research, etc.

You could also check if they have written any book. All this information will give you an idea about who the coach is and what he does.

After all, you have to like a coach before you even start working with them!

2. Find Someone You Admire

When you want to make a career move, whether it's at the same company or at a new one, it's good to find others who have done what you want to do.

But, they don't have to be in the exact same field in order for you to learn from them. Find someone who has accomplished great things in their career. Because there’s always a formula to it, you can replicate success. You just have to know who to reach out to!

Reach out to people who have similar interests as you and who are ahead of you. They’d be more willing to help you carve out your own path!

3. Experience and Success

When it comes to finding a career coach, make sure you ask the coach about their successes.

How many people have they helped, and can you talk to them? Does the coach have experience and success coaching people in your situation or with your background? More importantly, can you talk to your coaches to get their take on the successes or failures they experienced?

This is a very important thing because you don’t want to be taking advice from the wrong person. They need to have credibility.

4. Responsiveness

You won’t be the coach’s only client.

And, that’s understandable… They’re running a business after all.

A coach that’s in demand may be a more successful one. But, that also means the coach is likely busy juggling all their clients.

You need to understand that it is okay for a coach to not respond to you immediately.

However, if your coach isn’t responding promptly, that could indicate larger problems. It’s possible they’ve bitten off more than they can chew, which means you may not get the level of coaching you want.

You will always have to find that sweet spot where the coach is able to give you enough time and provide enough value to your life & career.

5. Understand Their Specialties

A generalist will have coaching experience across a wide range of situations and industries.

If you aren’t sure what you want to do or don’t know exactly what your goals are or need help with soft skill training, resume reviews, or interview skills, a generalist may be the right coach for you.

A specialist will have experience coaching in a specific niche. That niche could be people in data science, people who are single, people learning digital marketing, etc.

If you know exactly what you want to accomplish with a coach or think that you need help in a specific trade, a specialist may be the better coach for your situation.

A coach can be your friend, guide and mentor, all rolled into one.

Now, if you’re having trouble finding a coach then I would recommend checking out Board Infinity’s Learning Paths

We have a panel of over 700 expert coaches who are willing to train students just like you! They’re industry experts who basically want to help students who’re just starting their career.

Suppose you’re someone who wants to learn Data science but doesn’t know where to start, we have multiple Data science experts who have 10+ years of industry experience. They’re probably the best people to learn data science from.

Not just Data Science, we have this for multiple different industries.

You can check out the learning paths here: Learning Paths

What are you waiting for? Get a coach today!

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