Why self-motivation is important for a fresher

Why Self-Motivation is important for a Fresher

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Are you a fresher? Well, we’ve got your back! Freshers undergo a lot of pressure and stress when they take up a new job. They are nervous and excited about performing their best at the new workplace. As a fresher, you may arrive at a point where you don’t know how to go ahead or you may lose focus if you face setbacks. So that you don’t take drastic work-related decisions, it is important that you stay motivated.

What is Self-Motivation?

It is the drive one needs to keep moving forward in life regardless of whatever the situation is. It is the positive attitude that conditions one to have self-faith and achieve all their goals.
Let’s see the ways in which a fresher can keep themselves motivated at work.

  1. Communicate and talk to everyone. This will boost your energy. Try to choose positive people to talk to.
  2. Always remain optimistic.
  3. Understand where your interest lies.
  4. Motivate others to do their work well. The favor shall be returned.

How to stay Self-Motivated?

Constant Feedback

Continuous feedback ensures you grow and improve in all aspects of life. Learn to take constructive feedback from your seniors, peers, family, and friends about work and personal matters, respectively. Learn to take the feedback sportingly and work on it. You may tend to receive some negative feedback, but be sure to take it in your stride and work on it.

Keep learning

Don’t stop acquiring knowledge or learning something new. Knowledge is power, and learning new skills increases the density of white matter in the brain, hence makes you sharper, says this research. Be aware of what is happening latest in the world around you and try to adapt it so that you can stay in the competition.

Stay away from negative people

Negative people will always have something to say about you and your work and might try to pull you down. Try to weed them out of your life. Try your best to stick around in the company of positive, enthusiastic people who will motivate you and celebrate all your small successes.

Nothing is impossible

This is a fairly important phrase to remember and to carry with you -- ’I can do it. Remember that it is always the winning attitude that helps you look at all adversities positively and imbibes in you a go-getter mindset. A positive mindset that nothing is impossible, will help you stay strong and motivated throughout.

Keep working on yourself

You are your biggest project. Strive to create a better version of yourself, personally and professionally every day. Understand your strengths and weaknesses after a detailed introspection, and work on improving them. Converting your shaky parts into your strongest USPs is the only to keep evolving and bettering yourself.


This is very important to achieve big goals in life. Always break your bigger goals into smaller, achievable goals and try to achieve them within a particular timeframe. Do everything step by step, slowly. Learn to celebrate your achievements, no matter how small. This will help you stay motivated.

Freshers often feel the need for self-motivation in their lives, and following these tips will ensure they never lose it. We hope these help you out!

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