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How to write a Post-Internship ‘thank you’ letter

How to write a Post-Internship ‘thank you’ letter

After your internship gets over, you should remember to do one very important thing -- write a thank you letter. Writing a thank you note after completion of your internship is a must and it maximizes the professional impact you’ve had in that organization. It’s an awesome way to express gratitude and it helps in building long-lasting professional relationships with your peers, friends, and other co-workers. Writing a letter to people who supported you in the course of your internship will really go a long way and will also make them feel appreciated. Let’s see how to write a post-internship thank you letter.

1. Start with Thanking

Since the purpose of this note is to thank your colleagues/supervisors, it’s best to do so at the start itself. This will set the tone for the rest of the letter to follow. Make sure you also include the words ‘thank you’ in the subject of the email as well. Remember to focus on the recipient and write matter that is specific to them. Don’t go overboard with adjectives and don’t exaggerate.

2. Include Basic Details

Although this is a platform where you can even write a story or get creative, it's essential you first mention all the relevant and basic details. Like, mention what specifically are you thanking the recipient or the company for. Express your gratitude for the time and support they gave you during your time at the organization. You can write a paragraph on how the recipient(s) inspired you and mentored you, and how it will help you in your future. You can draw attention to a particular experience that was memorable and professionally enriching as well.

3. Emphasize your Learnings

Include a few lines about what you learned specifically during the course of the internship. You can cite a few examples and explain them in brief, if needed. Did you match up with the responsibilities given? Did you achieve the professional goals you had set for yourself? Also, try to talk about some challenges you encountered and how you overcame them. Throw some light on how this internship has made you progress personally as well as professionally.

4. Network

This is a fairly important step in your letter. It’s important you maintain the contacts you’ve formed in this professional stage of life. Express your intention of keeping in touch and probably ask them to connect with you on LinkedIn. Make sure you include all your contact details in the signature below. You can also express interest in working with the company in the future, but be careful to not sound too pushy about it.

5. Personalize

It’s important you send out separate letters to your higher-ups, colleagues, and friends. Personalization will make the letters even more valuable. Although the main matter would be the same for everybody, you can include some personal humor, inside jokes, or even personal experiences when you separate out the letters. Some shared moments also when expressed, might bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

Lastly, don’t forget to proofread the thank you letter and check twice if the right address of the recipient has been added. And then you’re good to go!