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How to Apply for Jobs as Fresher & Get Selected in One Go

How to Apply for Jobs as Fresher & Get Selected in One Go

As someone just fresh out of college, your immediate concern is to find a job and apply for it. But looking aimlessly for a job will not solve your issue. You need to know the right process so that you land up the right job.

You ought to have a direction in mind, so you can be laser-focused on your job search. Below are a few steps you should follow to increase your chances of getting a job as a fresher!

1. Stay Focused

You need to be sure of what domain of jobs you are looking for. You need to be sure of the industry, the scope, and the designation of the job you are looking for.

Sending resumes to many companies blindly, will not do the trick. Even sending resumes without applying for a particular position, but asking if any position is vacant, also doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Make sure you have charted your goal and know what exactly you want to apply for.

2. Research Well

This is probably the most important step before any job search.

Researching the employer thoroughly is very important before you apply for a job with them. You need to know what the company’s mission and vision is before you decide to work with them.

This research will also help you tackle any questions the interviewer asks about the company, or about how well you will fit in.

If you did your research correctly, tackling such questions shouldn’t be an issue for you. Answering these questions will also let the interviewer know that you’re serious about this job and you actually put in the effort to prepare for the interview.

3. Keep Your Resume Up-to-Date

Make sure you keep updating your resume/portfolio.

A resume/portfolio lets the employer know what value you can bring to their company. It gives them a brief of your professional experience without you even being there.

Think of it as your resume as your salesman. You’re basically letting the employer know what you’re about and if they get interested enough then you get an interview with them.

If you want to go an extra step, you can even keep your LinkedIn updated with all of your recent certificates & work experiences. Some employers might check your LinkedIn if they’re on the verge of hiring you. This is getting more and more common in the Indian corporate sector.

The 1st impression is very crucial for getting an interview. So, make sure your details are updated and your resume is brief, interesting, and readable.

4. Job Application

Once your resume is perfectly polished, it is time to actually apply for jobs.

You need to put yourself out there, be ready to take many calls, apply to innumerable listings, till you find the right fit.

Use Google to search for keywords relating to your job profile, and use them on job portals like Naukri, LinkedIn, Shine, etc.

Even Facebook is a great place to look for jobs as many groups post job openings within industries. It can sometimes work wonders because not many people are applying through Facebook right now.

Don't get discouraged if you don't get many responses right away. Job search is a numbers game. The more you apply, the better chances you have of getting called for an interview (provided that you did all the previous steps correctly).

5. Learn To Sell Yourself

Market yourself well to your interviewer.

Develop a strong elevator pitch for yourself to tell the employer why you are the best fit for the job.

Make sure you convince them about your skills and capabilities with an ample set of examples.

A company always looks for people who are solution-oriented, and those who can tackle various challenges. Discuss the various problems you have solved in your previous internships, and college events for them to gauge your problem-solving skills.

Sell yourself efficiently, so they know exactly what your strengths are.


As a fresher it can be a daunting task to look for a job. However, if you follow the aforementioned, it will become easier for you to land your dream job and kickstart your career journey.

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