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My Easy transition from Mechanical Engineering to Data Science: Data Engineer at Genpact

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Blog | Board Infinity

By - Shreeram Deshmukh, Board Infinity Alumni

My Early career journey

My name is Shreeram Deshmukh. I am from Nashik, Maharashtra.

Mechanical Engineering was so much in demand when I passed class 10th in 2014. All of my elder brothers were into this field, earning so handsomely well. They inspired me. My next step was to enroll in Sandeep Polytechnic in Nashik to pursue a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Following the diploma, I enrolled at Sandeep University again for a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering.

Due to my interest in this field, I performed well in my exams. As a 2020 graduate, however, employment prospects looked bleak. Thousands of people lost their jobs, including highly experienced engineers, and mechanical engineering was the worst hit.

Meanwhile, I was also applying for C-DAC exams but due to the COVID situation, it was being canceled every time I applied. I was very disappointed and didn't want to sit idle at home without a job.

To ensure job security, I started searching for certification courses that would help me build a career in the fields that offer better job security. IT field seemed like a great option but I didn't have any interest in software development. My friends hence suggested Data Science as an evolving field.

At first, I thought since there are so many videos related to learning Data Science available for free, I started learning from YouTube. But, there was no structured pattern I was able to study in and I realized that I needed a mentor to help me learn the necessary skills and I also needed certification to validate my skills.

One of my friends then suggested Board Infinity and told me about the course here which is taught by industry professionals. I further enquired about the placement guarantee from the team and was confirmed by admission in the Learning Path in Data Science course.

I enrolled for the course in March 2021, with the thought that if I gain good knowledge in this field, I can get a peaceful life with a good job in hand.

Experience with Board Infinity

My learning experience with Board Infinity has been really good. I started getting placement offers as soon as my second module was completed. The mentors are really very helpful in making us learn the necessary skills and also introduce us to the industry.

Board Infinity also gave us projects to work upon after every module. With these projects, freshers like me were not only able to learn the skills through implementation but also strengthen our resumes to get hired for data science positions.

These projects play a great role in one's hiring. I hadn't qualified for any interviews that I had given before working on these projects since every recruiter was expecting us to have something which could showcase our Data Science skills.

Placement Journey

I gave a total of 5 interviews and cracked the last one at Genpact for the position of a Data Engineer, and got placed even before my placement training at Board Infinity could start.

With Genpact, I was able to crack the interview through the skills and the confidence that I had developed in myself by taking up this course with Board Infinity.

A year ago, I was extremely sad and disappointed as I had no jobs and everything I wanted to do was not working out for me. But, I am extremely happy now. It was great learning Data Science from scratch even though I had no coding background. I feel proud of myself for being able to do this! All thanks to Board Infinity!

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