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Pursuing Digital Marketing To Be Better at Luxury Brand Management

Pursuing Digital Marketing To Be Better at Luxury Brand Management

By - Chayanika Deka, Board Infinity Alumni

After pursuing a B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics engineering, I realized something was still missing. I took the Luxury Brand Management course at SPJIMR, and with brands, large and small, using digital platforms for marketing, opting for the Digital Marketing course made sense!

1. My Early Career Journey

My name is Chayanika Das and I come from Guwahati (Assam). I consider myself a good student who decided to major in Science after completing my 10th grade.

For a student who chooses to study Science after class 10th, there are two highly acceptable options offered by our parents after class 12th - Medical & Engineering.

Though my father would have loved me to be a doctor, I decided Engineering was a better option. My first career move was to pursue my B.Tech degree from KIIT Bhubaneswar and I was already preparing for my MBA since I was in my third year.

Being someone with an artistic bent of mind, I was searching for a course along similar lines when I discovered this 12 months course on Luxury Brand Management at SPJIMR.

Luckily, I passed the entrance exam and got into the February 2021 batch.

Having transitioned from a mainstream tech field to a creative field, I nevertheless felt a need to fill the void to gain clarity about brands. To me, digital marketing was a perfect solution because almost all brands were doing it and I could better understand how these brands operated by learning about their marketing space.

2. My Experience With Board Infinity

As recommended by my friends and teachers, I enrolled in Board Infinity's Learning Path Digital Marketing Course in March 2021.

Board Infinity has given me a lot of insight into the field of Digital Marketing. As a Luxurious Management student, I find it very useful and relevant to pursue this course since I can now assess both the creative as well as the technical aspects of marketing, especially how every brand is now living by digital marketing.

Board Infinity has been a great learning experience for me so far! There is no better way to learn than having a coach who can give personal attention to each student and our coach Madhurima ma'am has made this possible for us. Even though the classes are online, I find them very interactive.  Taking Email marketing classes has mainly been enjoyable, and I am also able to use that knowledge in my brand management course.

The course is ultimately going to be very helpful to me since all brands now rely on both in-store marketing and social media marketing.

3. My Future Plans

One day, I hope to become a senior manager at a luxury brand and this Digital Marketing certification is going to help me gain 360-degree knowledge about my field and eventually shoot my growth. Among my favorite brands are Gucci and Louis Vuitton, and I am also interested in automobiles and hospitality brands.

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I hope that this article and video helped you and gave you the required clarity. If you would like to connect with me you can fill out this form. "Connect with Board Infinity Alumni"

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