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Starting My Dream Career Journey as a Digital Marketer at Sony LIV

Starting My Dream Career Journey as a Digital Marketer at Sony LIV

By - Sharvari Dethe, Board Infinity Alumni

1. About Myself

Hey! Today I want to share a bit of my professional journey & how I got started with digital marketing. I hope that it helps anyone who is trying to get into this sector or trying to change their career paths to digital marketing. So, let’s begin.

Growing up, I always wanted to pursue a career where I could showcase my creative talent. I joined an MBA college to pursue marketing (ICFAI Foundation, Hyderabad). My main goal with an MBA was to secure a job in Digital Marketing.

2. Why Digital Marketing?

Because social media and Digital marketing always felt right up my lane. It seemed like the perfect choice for me because it’s an industry where you can be creative as you want, whether it is an ad campaign idea, posters, graphics, content pieces, videos, etc.

During my campus placements, most of the job opportunities were only in the Sales sector.

I still chose to start working as an Assistant Sales and Marketing Manager at Karachi Bakery, but something didn't feel right.

3. My Learning Experience

That’s when I decided to join Board Infinity's Digital Marketing Online Course, and I haven’t regretted one moment of it.

After spending almost 4 months learning about Digital Marketing, putting it into practice, working on capstone projects, and assignments, building my soft skills, giving tons of mock interviews… I was finally able to secure a job at Sony LIV.

Thank you Board Infinity for making this possible!

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