best courses after 12th commerce

Best Courses After 12th Commerce

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Taking up a course with elective subjects after your higher secondary board examination is a choice of a lifetime! This decision will shape your career in the future. Whether you want to become a mainstream accountant or try professions in Finance, it all boils down to starting with a comprehensive course. With a plethora of career choices available for commerce students and the never-ending peer pressure, it can be confusing to settle on one! Here we have curated a list of courses after 12th commerce that you can consider to find your preferred prospect.

Top courses for 12th Commerce students with Math

If you take up Mathematics as your additional subject in classes 11 and 12, you are eligible for multiple courses as a higher secondary qualified student. All these courses mandate the need for Mathematics as a subject.

1. BCom Honors

One of the most sought-after courses, BCom honors is a highly regarded degree in the professional world. You can take accounting or finance as your honors subject and choose other preferred subjects as additions to your course.

2. BCom in Statistics

If you have always loved statistics and you are thinking, “what should I do after 12th commerce”, try opting for BCom in Statistics. You will not only enjoy your course, but it will also open doors to professional fields like Data Science and Analytics.

3. BCom in Accounting & Taxation

Nurture your love for Accounts with a 3-year Bachelor’s degree in Accounting & Taxation. The increasing demand for tax professionals will yield you numerous career options. You should choose your preferred subjects wisely, keeping your line of work in mind.

4. BCom in Management Accounting & International Finances

This course is an interesting tour to learning the laws, principles, and methods of Management Accounting and International Finances. It is regarded as one of the best courses for commerce students.

5. BCom in Banking & Finance

If you have always seen yourself working in a bank, this BCom degree will help you get a step ahead in the game. It is one of the top courses that can help you find part-time work from home jobs for students that have become widely popular these days.

Top Courses for 12th Commerce students without Mathematics

If you have not taken Mathematics as an additional course, don’t worry! Here are some of the most sought-after courses for 12th commerce students:

1. BCom General

B.Com is one of the most popular career options for commerce students without math. A Bachelor’s of commerce is a degree of three years and covers areas such as finance, accounting, and a few other commerce-related subjects.

2. Bachelors in Business Administration

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) is another course that has gained immense popularity among commerce students. If you want to go into the corporate sector and grab leadership roles in big companies then it is a perfect career option for you.

3. BCom in Marketing

B.Com in Marketing and Sales is another great course to pursue after 12th commerce. It is again a 3-year long undergraduate program in which you learn the techniques of planning and managing a market. This is one of the most lucrative courses with amazing career opportunities and growth.

4. BCom in Travel & Tourism Management

If you're into travel and tourism, then here is an interesting course for you. By pursuing this program, you can effectively learn to plan and manage tours and travels. B.Com in Travel and Tourism has become the new favorite course among commerce students. It proposes very lucrative career opportunities.

Best professional courses after 12th Commerce

Here are the top professional courses after 12th Commerce that you can pursue to build the career of your dream:

1. Chartered Accountancy (CA)

Chartered Accountancy (CA) is one of the most popular courses preferred by Commerce qualified students with Math. CA is a top-level course in the accounting field that any professional can pursue. Having pursued this course successfully, you can get placed in top accounting firms and land a job with the best packages.

2. Company Secretary (CS)

A 3-year course designed for Commerce students, Company Secretary or CS teaches students how to handle legal aspects and taxation of a firm’s business. Like CA, CS is also one of the most preferred courses in the accounting field and helps students secure their dream job.

3. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

You must have heard of the high-paying job opportunities an MBA professional can take up! For you to reach there, you must figure out “what should I do after 12th commerce” by enrolling in a BBA course. The course will take you through the nitty-gritty of what the MBA course will entail.

4. Cost & Management Accountant

Cost & Management Accountants are professionals who work as a team with CA professionals to look after the finances of a company. If your costing skills are good, you should look forward to starting your after-12th journey with this course.

5. Mass Communication & Journalism

If you want to get exposure to journalism, Mass Communication & Journalism can prove to be the best option to go for. You will learn all the fundamentals and in-depths of what journalism is and how it is done. You can start an internship with some top media houses and can get placed in them as well. Know what? This field also offers opportunities to become a freelance journalist and practice independent journalism.

Diploma/Computer Learning courses after 12th Commerce

The IT sector is one of the most thriving industries in the world. It is growing at a lightning speed and this is the reason why more and more students are setting their foot into this industry. As a commerce student, you don't need to worry about your educational background to switch to the IT sector. Below are some of the top computer learning and diploma courses to pursue after 12th Commerce:

1. Tally ERP Course

For those who don't know, Tally ERP 9 is a widely used accounting software that is used by companies and organizations to record their financial statements and transactions. With Tally ERP Course, you can learn using this software and the different types of data used in statistics.

2. Diploma in Office Automation

A Diploma in Office Automation is a three-year-long diploma program. It primarily focuses on educating the candidates on the basics of operations of an office automation system. The course includes teaching the importance of digital creation, gathering, storing, and managing business information.

3. Diploma in Stock Marketing

There is no denying that the stock market is a booming sector. Candidates, who want to start their career in this field can opt for a Diploma in Stock Marketing, which is not more than 6-month certification.

4. E-Commerce Management

E-commerce Management is a broad term and an umbrella for various short-term courses. However, the main motive of this training is to ensure the launch and management as well as running of a business website. An E-Commerce manager is expected to manage all those personnel involved in providing E-Commerce functions.

5. Digital Marketing

With the explosion of digital technology, Digital Marketing has gained immense popularity with lucrative fields of opportunity everywhere. It is just an upgrade to the traditional marketing tactics, which now seem destined to grow wider over time.

Importance of Skill Development Courses After 12th Commerce ‌‌

Although professional courses are a must for career building, you can increase your chances by upskilling yourself through relevant skill development courses. You can enroll in courses like Micro-Learning by Board Infinity to upskill yourself. There are many other free courses available on the website that you should do after 12th commerce to enhance your productivity. You can explore:

  • Content Marketing: Learn all the tools and skills required to manage marketing content on different online platforms.
  • Digital Marketing: Hone SEO skills, and email and web content marketing from industry experts.
  • Product Management: Engage in a product management learning cycle to upgrade your skills.
  • Affiliate Marketing Course: Learn how to build affiliate marketing strategies and run ads online using different tools.
  • Branding and Communication: Learn the nitty-gritty of content creation, writing, and management. ‌‌

All these skill development courses help in enhancing your proficiency in particular areas so that you can get the best out of your ability and hard work.

Career Opportunities after 12th Commerce

Based on the aforementioned information, 12th Commerce students can build a solid career in several ways. If you like accounting, you can pursue CA, if you want to explore the legal field, you can take up CS, or you can do MBA to be a part of a company’s management. Besides, it is not only about core fields but 12th Commerce students with Math have other splendid career options as well. You can pursue a career in:‌‌

  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Statistics
  • Data Science
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Hotel Management
  • Product Management
  • Web Development

Some Common FAQs

1. What are the best courses after 12th Commerce?

You should start with an academic course in your preferred field, like CA, CS, BBA, BCom, etc., and a skill development course that will help you improve your professional skills. If you have a set goal in any of these academic fields, you should start taking coaching lessons in the subjects included in that program. If you are undecided about what to do or which career will be the best for you, then you can explore a few skill development courses to discover your interests. ‌‌

2. What can I do after 12th Commerce?

You can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline that you are eligible for. You can look out for specialization in Accountancy, Economics or Business Administration. All these academic degrees will lead you to a certain career path. If you do not see yourself in any of these careers, you can try learning a few productive skills. There are numerous professional and skill development courses available as well that you can explore. Check out the best online courses to start your skill development training. ‌‌

3. What are the best courses for commerce students with maths?

Commerce students with math have scope in multiple fields. You can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy, Economics, Statistics, Computer Applications, and Business Administration. As a commerce student with math, you can also do a professional course like CA, CS, CMA, BBA LLB, BMA, etc. You can also enroll in certification courses in Data Science and Analytics. All these career fields have promising prospects with candidates who possess the required skills. So, you can choose any of these options as per your interest.

Key Takeaways

All these courses come with a set of specified academic knowledge and learning processes that will help you shape your career in numerous fields. While it is essential for you to choose an academic course wisely to start your career, you must not overlook the importance of skill development courses and professional programs. The market is getting competitive with every churn in the clock. For you to secure a successful job, you need to enhance your skills too.‌‌

Go through all the available online courses and short-term programs to find the one that interests you the most. Start shaping your career with the help of a credible online guide. ‌‌Step into the professional world with an introduction to the Free Digital Marketing Course by Board Infinity to discover your career path.‌‌

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