With the changing demographics, the rise of this decade is showing the rise of some of the technical fields that are setting the trend out there with an increasing demand for skilled engineers to manage and take these technologies to the next level.

Every field is evolving with the advancement in technology, and the one sector that will always be needed is the IT sector. Everything that we do today is controlled by technology in one way or the other to make our lives better. We have compiled a list consisting of the top trending technical jobs of the decade that you can choose to get yourself a blooming career.

With a subtle change in the preferences of the people to go digital for everything whether it is buying medicines or selling your old table, there are certainly some gates opened to new and high-paying jobs that are buzzing. Below are some of the most trending and highest-paying jobs of this decade.

1. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

An AI engineer makes the machines work like a human brain by designing and programming a network of complex algorithms that train the machine. AI is taking place of humans in every domain and hence the need for AI engineers is at its peak.

2. Data Scientist

Data Science is one of the hottest and most trending fields of this decade. A data scientist analyses and processes the raw and irregular data into useful information that can provide the companies with actionable plans.

3. Big Data Engineer

In the world of digitalization, there is a lot of data to be stored and worked upon. Well, don’t worry about it because you have got the big data engineer. A big data engineer manages this big data and uses it in the company’s progress.

4. Software Engineer

The software engineer is one of the most demanding job posts. Almost every company no matter what the domain is requires a software engineer who can manage, design, and develop the computer software.

5. Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain is a unique technology that allows the data to be dispersed digitally without being pirated. A blockchain engineer uses this technology to create digital solutions and implement them.

6. Data Analyst

A data analyst as the name suggests analyzes the data for the betterment of the company. They work hand in hand with data scientists as they act upon the stage created by the data scientists.

7. Cloud Architect

As companies around the globe are shifting towards cloud infrastructure, there is a high demand for cloud engineers out there. A cloud engineer is responsible for the development and management of the cloud servers.

8. Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack developer is the one who works both as a front-end developer- manages the client-side of the website, designs the user interface of the website, and makes it responsive as well as a back-end developer- manages the server-side of the website, builds APIs, manages database and server requests.

Skills in Demand

The leading companies always look for the ones having a strong grip on the top industry-specific skills. There is no specific list that can tell you which skills you should master to land a perfect job for you. However, there are some technologies and fields that you can definitely consider building a career in.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most demanding fields with many potential opportunities. It is the force that’s taking lead in every industry and one can find a promising career in this field. Another one is cloud computing which not only is in huge demand but has lesser competition. The other in-demand skills include blockchain, big data, data science, and networking.

Bottom Line

We have discussed the most sought-after skills and the top trending jobs of the decade in this blog. It’s never too late to make a decision and start something new. So it’s the right time for you to decide what kind of career you want. Find the most suitable option for you and start preparing for it.