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Lucrative Career Opportunities after BBA In 2023

Lucrative Career Opportunities after BBA In 2023

So you have completed your BBA successfully, now what? This is a question that is looming in many of our heads. How do we propel ourselves into the next leg of life smoothly and smartly?

To help you, we have listed down a few career opportunities that you could take up after completing your BBA.

1. Digital Marketing

This is one of the trending and popular choices to take up after your BBA. You can help businesses and brands grow online. With the online industry booming, the field of digital marketing has seen massive growth.

The growth of India's digital ad industry is at 33.5%. This industry will exceed INR 225 billion by 2020. Another interesting fact to note is that by 2021 the number of mobile internet users is estimated to reach 829 million.

To start your career, you can simply take up a course in digital marketing. This course ideally will give you a comprehensive knowledge about SEO, social media marketing, PPC, analytics, content, mobile, and email marketing

As a digital marketer, you can help increase the search traffic of your client's website. You can also opt for content marketing by working on campaign strategies for several brands. Paid campaigns are another option where you will run ads against a set budget while convincing people to make a purchase decision.

All you need is a bachelor's degree to get started in this lucrative field.

2. Product Management

The demand for project managers is continually increasing. After completing your BBA degree, this could be the perfect choice for you.

A product manager is responsible for guiding the success of a product and leading the cross-functional team. They are a guiding force as they analyze the market, as well as competitive conditions.

Their job is to map out the product vision that is differentiated and that serves unique value based on consumer demands. Product managers work with sales, engineering, and marketing to see the product through at every stage of development.

The average salary one can draw in India is around 16LPA. As a fresher, you can make about 7-8 lakhs P.A.

The eligibility criteria are to have a product management certification course and a graduate degree.

3. Business Analyst

To embark on a career as a business analyst, a bachelor's degree is required. Any information in this field is beneficial while taking up a job. This is because analysts are not restricted to one particular field but cut across diverse fields. You can make an entry point into this field with a BBA degree.

Business analysts are the ones responsible for reducing the gap between IT and business functions. They do so by analyzing processes, identifying requirements, and delivering data-driven recommendations and insights to stakeholders.

Converting consumers' needs into business requirements is the primary goal of a business analyst and is a challenging skill to master. Formal training from a global body or a reputed e-learning institute can help build your foundations and give you an edge as you take up a job.

4. Data Scientist

An offbeat career path after BBA is to do data science. A lot of people are under the impression that the data science field is reserved for tech grads only but that's not true. You can become a successful data scientist after completing your BBA degree as well.

Data scientists extrapolate data and share insights that help companies solve complex problems. Data scientists are proficient in computer science, modeling, stats, analytics, and math. They use their sound business sense to unpack answers to important questions that help a firm make actionable decisions.

You can opt for our Learning Path in Data Science to gain first-hand knowledge of the subject and also glean industry-level exposure.

As a data scientist, you will implement functions like data exploration, regression models, and hypothesis testing. You will be involved in solving real-world data science problems and mastering python, robust ML models, and more.

This is a thriving and in-demand field that you can take up after doing your BBA. The minimum criteria to step afoot in this field is to have a bachelor's degree.


A degree in BBA opens you up to a world of opportunities but not every opportunity has your name written on it. That is why we would advise you to approach this decision with much counsel. To speak to an industry expert and get first-hand coaching, you can check this out.