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Best Career Options After Graduation

Best Career Options After Graduation

Graduation is a crucial moment in every student’s life. It is a junction wherein difficult life and career choices are to be made. Some students have it easy and already know what they want to pursue ahead, while a majority are clueless and are confused about choosing the right field.

That confusion is normal, let’s be clear. It’s okay to not know what you want.

After all, the scenario has drastically changed now. You have a multitude of options in front of you as opposed to decades ago, and now you can always take the help of friends, relatives, or career coaching experts in choosing the field of your choice.

Let’s have a look at some of the best career options after graduation.

1. Data Science

What is this new buzzword we keep hearing so often? Data science is an amalgamation of statistics and software and falls among the most sought-after career options, not only in India but also worldwide.

Data science in layman's terms means analyzing a big chunk of data and trying to make sense of it. You’ve heard how data is the big driver behind the decisions of multi-million dollar companies? This is because data science is needed in marketing and innovation.

Data scientists sit and derive insights and try to ‘read’ the data and they have solid problem-solving skills. One needs to have a background in machine learning, big data, statistics, and some software development tools in order to start off in this field.

HBR rated Data Science as the sexiest job of the 21st century and NASSCOM predicted that the Indian Analytics market will be worth $2 Bn. This is the age of AI and Data, and data is the new air we breathe.

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2. Digital Marketing

We come to the most popular and booming field, digital marketing. As per a study by the research firm, Reuters, the global spending on digital marketing was almost touching $100 bn, as of 2018.

Why is this so important? That's because our lives are now so interwoven and connected with technology, we spend most of our free time online. The entire customer base is now online for marketers to play with. Marketing product and service offerings online are the quickest way you can reach your potential customer. Hence, the demand for professionals with digital marketing knowledge is also increasing tremendously.

This is also a very vast field with multiple options to specialize in. You have many options to explore like content marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Email and influencer marketing, etc. It’s one of the most trending, and sought-after fields in India.

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3. Cloud Computing

We have the practice of storing data on hard disk drives or pen drives. But that is all old-school. Enter cloud computing which is a new practice of storing data, and accessing power, database, applications, and other resources, remotely. It’s basically doing everything on the internet without having to rely on a local server or your personal device.

It’s one of the most in-demand technologies in the world and as it's a niche, securing a job might not be very easy. One needs to have good data analyzing skills, some programming skills, and knowledge of Linux, DevOps, and IS.

You can start as a software engineer, cloud engineer, full-stack developer, or even as a DevOps engineer. The cloud computing market has already surpassed $100 Bn and is estimated to reach $150 Bn by 2020 end. By the same time, about 67% of organizations are expected to transfer their infrastructure to the cloud.

4. Product Management

It deals with the management of the product lifecycle by ensuring the efficiency of planning, forecasting, and production at all stages. These roles are generally found in all companies that manufacture or produce products, services, or technologies.

A product manager is wholly responsible for the why, what, how of the product right from its conception to its final phase. A bachelor’s degree in business or management will aid in getting this role, but more importantly, the soft skills are the ones that matter.

Qualities like team spirit, responsibility, diplomacy, negotiation skills, time management, ability to support a team, all are typically needed to become a successful product manager. It’s a prestigious role to have and is in trend in the market for a long time.

5. Sales & Marketing

If you have a knack for talking to people, the ability to empathize, a good amount of confidence and optimism, and in-depth product knowledge, you will be a king in sales and marketing. There are a plethora of options available under this broad spectrum like market research, marketing communication, digital marketing, brand management, etc.

This field has great potential and is no doubt one of the most interesting fields you’ll ever encounter. The beauty of this job stream is that it can be done across any and every industry--Automobiles, IT, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Retail, etc. This job is always in demand owing to the importance it lends to the organization. Imagine having a ready product, developed and packaged well but it has no customers to buy? That’s where sales and marketing enter the picture.

6. Full Stack Development

One of the skills in an uprise in today’s market, becoming a full-stack developer is an aim every web developer has. A full-stack developer has the ability to develop a product from scratch to finish using backend, frontend, database, and DevOps knowledge.

There are a lot of organizations that have started hiring full-stack developers who have all the above skills instead of hiring skill-wise. To become a full stack developer, your basic foundation skills should be very strong and you need to know all the programming languages and be an expert in any one of them.

Full-stack development revolves around these programming languages - HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, and other backend technologies. More than 50% of the coding population worldwide identify themselves as full-stack developers.

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We have laid out the most lucrative career options for you. Don’t stress, get a cup of coffee and start researching the one you like the most! All the best.