Tableau is one of those rare tools that help people see and understand more about the data and all of it is user-centric—whether they’re an analyst, data scientist, student, teacher, executive, or business user.

Compared to its competitors, with the help of Tableau, one can collaborate easily as it is extremely powerful when used the right way. Further, Tableau is completely secure and flexible that is an end-to-end analytics platform.

1. Tech Giants using Tableau

Top companies like Dell, Tech Mahindra, Sony, Rockstar Games, Facebook, and many other technologies and business giants lookout for Tableau experts to be in their team. There is an acute shortage of Tableau professionals in the market as well, so learning it can definitely help you land a job as well.

2. Salary and Demand

A study conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC), the data generated this year 2021 will be increase to around 50 times as compared to the past decade, so, organizations are willing to adapt tools like Tableau to process this vast data. This increase in data generated has made the reason why Tableau professionals have a rising demand for organizations.

On average, the salary for professionals with Tableau skills is around $106,000 (INR 7, 96,682) per annum. The highest salary noticed in this line of business is about $158,000 (INR 11, 87,507) per annum.

salary and demand

If you choose to be a Data Scientist, learning Tableau is a must as a data science project is usually incomplete without Data Visualization, and to get started you need to know Tableau.

3. The bright side of Tableau

Tableau is extremely user-friendly and requires very minimum and sometimes no coding! You can start from scratch and have mid-level expertise within a couple of months if worked upon regularly. The best thing about Tableau is the fact there is a Tableau Gallery, which can be found on their official site, where they feature one best visualization every day.

What gets featured is a data visualization dashboard that was made only using Tableau and everyone stands a chance to get their dashboards featured. This in turn reflects on the Tableau software as well. So, in case you happen to get featured, it is an accomplishment in itself!

Tableau has great connectivity features as well. You can connect files from Excel, SPSS, PDF, SPATIAL, and even from a server! In fact, there is an option to connect your PDF file as well.


In conclusion, Tableau is everything that you need for a Data Visualization project. Learning it can do wonders with regard to the data, business, and you. It is simple to get started with learning this tool, so start learning Tableau today!

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