Machine Learning and AI: From Basics to Mastery

Why Specifically Use Python for Machine Learning?

Why Specifically Use Python for Machine Learning?

There are a multitude of languages and programming frameworks which supports or enables machine language applications; however, Python is considered to be the forerunner in machine language both from a utility perspective as well as from a features point of view as well.

Although it may not be way ahead of its contemporaries in any single specific field; Python tends to tick all the requirements in a sophisticated & elegant manner for it to become the first choice for developers.

Talking of speed or performance, Python is not the forerunner as languages such as Scala is faster than Python. Also, from a learnability perspective, languages such as ‘R’ is easy to learn for beginners as compared to Python.

Hence, the most pertinent question is – despite not being number one in these aspects; why Python is the most popular in context of machine language.

The are certain yardsticks which the developer community considers before recommending or choosing a particular language as the ‘most preferred’ – these are enumerated below for reference –

  1. Syntactical simplicity & Semantic clarity: The syntax of Python is quite similar to mathematical deductions. In fact, the semantics are also congruous to mathematical concepts. Therefore, developers can easily apply statistical algorithm in Python
  2. Data handling capacity & Performance: As already mentioned that there are available languages such as Scala which has a higher speed of execution than Python; still Python gets the nod above these languages due to its excellent data handling capacity
  3. Inherent tools & Plug-ins specific to designing self-learning systems: Machine learning algorithms are majorly based on designing self-learning systems. Hence, embedded and compatible tools & plug-ins specific to learning systems are valued by developers. Python comes with abundance of such tools which makes life easy for developers
  4. Compatibility: Another important factor which makes Python a favorable option for developers is the high degree of compatibility with other platforms and third-party scripting language. Also, it’s platform independent and can operate on all devices & operating systems

2. Python vs. Other ML programming suites (Java, Ruby, Perl, C etc.)

There are diverse views on the relevance of Python as a leading ML coding language as compared to other languages such as Ruby, Java, Perl etc. While there are a few viewpoints which states Python a ‘basic language’; the majority stands to the point that the intensive features, collaborative options as well as the convenient interface makes Python as a leading language specifically for machine language systems.