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How To Embed PDF Files Using HTML - A Comprehensive Guide

How To Embed PDF Files Using HTML - A Comprehensive Guide


Did you know a lot of people would actually prefer to get your information in PDF format, instead of HTML format? .pdf is one of top file formats – it's cross-platform and supported by almost every device and program out there. It's also popular among managers and executives since it has the ability to keep track of changes easier. .pdf is great for legal documents, contracts, forms, and any other document that needs the highest level of accuracy. In this article, we cover how to embed PDF in HTML.

Adding PDF Attachment to HTML Using Tags

You can include an embedded PDF in HTML code in your webpage by using several different methods. However, not all browsers support PDFs, so it's important to include an error message and an alternate link for users who cannot view the document. Here are some HTML tags to help you serve the purpose:

Here's an example of a pdf embedded in HTML document into a webpage:

<embed src="/pdf-templates/valentines-day-card-1.pdf" type="application/pdf" width="100%" height="100%">

This code will allow you to display a page or set of pages from a source PDF file as interactive content on a regular webpage. The advantage is that the content is embedded or attached to the HTML and not linked. In a pinch, this method can come in handy.

One way to add interactivity to your web pages is by using a <object> tag that points to an interactive PDF. You can attach an interactive PDF to a webpage using a <object> tag. To embed an interactive PDF on your website, use the <object> tag and write the following:

<object type="application/pdf" data="filename.pdf" width="100%">Your PDF document</object>

Your fallback content lets people download the PDF and view it on another device if their browser doesn't support PDF viewing.

The Iframe Tag

The <iframe> tag is used by many website designers to embed a pdf HTML code into a webpage. It is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, IE8, and other browsers and can be used to embed a pdf HTML code into a website if the browser does not support PDF documents or the <iframe> tag. Here’s what the syntax looks like for the same:

<iframe src="/pdf/sample-3pp.pdf#page=2" width="100%" height="100%">


There are a lot of sites that offer an embeddable PDF service, but not all of them allow developers to create a clean, simple and effective barcode! This article offers some insight into how those designers do pdf embed in HTML and how you can do it for your site!