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How to Start a Career in Blockchain Technology - A Complete Roadmap(2023)

How to Start a Career in Blockchain Technology - A Complete Roadmap(2023)

Have you considered a blockchain career? Do you want to know how to start a career in blockchain technology?

A career in blockchain technology is a new and exciting opportunity worth exploring. Blockchain is a ground-breaking technology that has gained much attention in the last decade. It is the spine of digital cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

It is the fastest-growing skill, and the demand for people with this skill set is high and is expected to grow in the future. Experts consider it one of the top 10 emerging advanced technology trends in 2022.

Often people are confused between blockchain and Bitcoin. So, let us first have a clear perspective on what blockchain is.

What is Blockchain Technology?

In the simplest of language, blockchain technology is a set of blocks that contain information about both the sender and the receiver. The chain of blocks also has information on the amount of money transferred through it.

Mr. Alex of the Blockchain Research institute defines blockchain as “a legit electronic journal or a dispersed database that monitors purchases and can be set to videotape not only monetary purchases but additionally everything else that has well worth."

Further, Bitcoin programming is an application that uses blockchain technology.

Prime Requisites of Learning Blockchain Technology

Here are the primary qualifications that a blockchain career aspirant should possess.

1. Understanding of Programming Languages

To start a career in blockchain technology, the aspirant should have a background in information technology, computer science, and information security.

Understanding data structures is critical. In blockchain technology, the data is stored not in tables but in the form of blocks. Blockchain also uses distributed ledger, which involves recording, sharing, and synchronizing transactions using independent computers.

Thus, constructing data structure is a necessary skill for being a blockchain developer. A basic understanding of programming languages like C++, JAVA, Python, and others is also helpful.

2. Grasp of Cryptography

Cryptography forms the foundation of blockchain technology. It is from cryptography the name of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others that come into being.

Cryptography is the study of creating public key encryptions like hash functions and digital signatures. The technology uses hash functions to secure payments made on eCommerce sites.

Blockchain security is an umbrella term covering cryptography and other security skills necessary for starting a career in blockchain technology. Other skills include Merkle proof, elliptic curve digital signatures, cryptographic hashing, etc.

3. Knowledge of Blockchain Platforms

Understanding Blockchain platforms is vital to starting a blockchain career. There are many frameworks of Blockchain.

It is essential to focus on only specific blockchain platforms to avoid confusion. Some blockchain platforms include Ripple, Ethereum, R3 Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, etc.

How to Learn Blockchain Technology?

Let us discuss how one can learn blockchain. Many people want to pursue a career in blockchain technology, but not all of them are aware of the means to do so. To enlighten such aspirants, here are some of the ways to learn blockchain technology:

1. Enroll in Online Blockchain Courses

With e-learning spreading its roots in all fields, it has become easy to learn any skill today. If you look on search engines, you will find many free online blockchain courses available. These content are some of the finest sources to kick start your blockchain technology learning.

There are various free online courses available that can help you get acquainted with the skills and knowledge required to learn blockchain technology. These online courses are best for beginners.

Some introductory courses are available for free, while you have to pay a minimal fee for advanced classes. Also, you have the advantage of comparing the prices offered by different e-learning platforms and making your decision accordingly.

2. Using YouTube Videos to Learn Blockchain

Video tutorials are best and easy to understand. YouTube is a great resource to start learning blockchain technology with the help of interactive and holistic learning.

There are many blockchain YouTube channels that you can subscribe to and learn blockchain technology at your convenience and time.

3. Attend Blockchain Community and Forums

Being part of blockchain communities like online discussion forums also helps learn blockchain technology. Being a part of such forums allows you to come across new insights and first-hand knowledge of people working in the same field.

You will meet professionals, and sometimes meeting the right person on such platforms can have far-fetching benefits.

4. Get a Blockchain Certification

You probably have heard of online certifications these days. There are many platforms that enable people of all ages to enhance their skills by getting certifications in specific courses.

You must attend the lessons, complete the designated course, and pass the exams these platforms conduct to achieve these certifications. You can thus attain a blockchain certification that further enhances your resume and lands you a job in companies seeking blockchain technology skills.

5. Learn Basic Skills like Programming and Cryptography

Not to forget, there are always the traditional means of learning blockchain technology. You can enroll in blockchain technology courses provided by various institutions and colleges. Furthermore, you can also take advantage of books available widely on bookshops and online eCommerce shops to attain the required skills and knowledge.

Careers in Blockchain Technology in 2023

Do you want to start a career in blockchain technology but don’t know where you should direct your goal?

Blockchain technology within its purview carries ample opportunities and careers. As you begin to gather knowledge on different subjects related to blockchain technology, you will naturally be inclined towards a particular subject more than others. This aspect helps individuals decide which blockchain technology career is best suited for them. Some careers in blockchain in 2023 include:

1. Blockchain Interns

As a blockchain intern, you can get entry-level jobs in firms seeking blockchain technology skills. Blockchain interns are students learning blockchain machine learning.

One can move to a higher job level in the same field after working as a blockchain intern and gaining full-fledged knowledge about blockchain technology and its working.

2. Blockchain Quality Engineers

A blockchain quality engineer works upon determining the quality of operations in blockchain technology. They make sure that all the developments within the technology match the quality standard. They conduct automated framework testing to check the quality of operations.

Any mistake on their part means getting a glitch or flaw that can hamper the overall performance of the technology going unnoticed. It further affects all those who are using this technology.

3. Blockchain Developer

A blockchain developer is the one that helps companies explore blockchain platforms and create potential applications using such technology. Blockchain developers are the most sought skill in blockchain technology.

If you have experience working in programming languages like C++, Python, Java, you can look forward to extending your career as a blockchain developer.

4. Blockchain Project Manager

A blockchain project manager acts as a medium that connects the companies working on blockchain projects to experts that could make the projects come alive. In short, they link the blockchain projects to blockchain solution providers.

5. Blockchain UX Designer

Blockchain technology has gained much attention since its introduction. Many industries have also incorporated it.

The role of a blockchain UX designer is to design a user interface that is user-friendly, alluring, and creates trust amongst the users. The UX designer should be hardworking and have an artistic touch while designing. They should be capable enough to pay attention to details they need to work on.

6. Blockchain Solution Architect

A blockchain solution architect works on designing, assigning, and connecting blockchain solutions. They achieve these elements by addressing the needs of the developer, UX designer, IT operator, and network administrators to complete the blockchain solutions.

how to start a career in blockchain technology

Finding Opportunities as a Blockchain Developer

There are various options to consider for a career as a Blockchain developer. Utilize LinkedIn for networking and job postings. Engage in Blockchain-related groups, and work with recruiters that specialize in technology to find suitable positions. Specialized directories also list businesses looking for Blockchain engineers, including start-ups and well-established companies.

You can also apply directly to renowned businesses known for their Blockchain work. For example, companies like Webisoft, famous for their dedication to Blockchain technology, often have openings for skilled developers. Combine these strategies to enhance your chances of landing your ideal Blockchain developer role.


Blockchain technology has grown and gained so much hype in just a few years that no one can deny that it is one of the best technologies. Many industries have adopted this technology in their businesses and are already reaping the benefits of the seeds sown.

There is no doubt that this technology is here to stay with us for a long time. This technology will be the foundation of most products and services in the future.

So, why not make the most of this opportunity and make your future bright by acquiring the skills of blockchain technology. There are ample career options available for you to pursue after acquiring knowledge about blockchain technology.

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