A common saying associated with Full Stack Developers is ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’. The job market is now brimming with data experts and software development jobs. Why is there a demand for a full stack developer as opposed to specialists in Backend and Frontend or Database or Testing? Seamless applications and technologies have made full stack development a possibility. Let’s see the demand of full stack developers in India

1. Role Variety

Since you’ll be a computer programmer who is proficient in both backend and frontend development and coding, your work scope increases. Your primary responsibilities would entail developing servers and databases for the perfect functioning of the website, designing its user experience and interactions and even enhancing its functionality on mobile platforms.

2. High Demand

Startups, financial organisations, technical organisations, you name it and they all look for experts in full stack development and value their coding skills over single specialists. They aim to hire long-term assets to the organisation and multiple skills ensure you adorn multiple hats, whenever time comes.

3. Salary

A full stack developer is paid as much as a data scientist. Naturally, developers with more experience are paid more. An average experienced full stack developer may be paid anywhere between INR 3,00,000 - INR 12,00,000. Not only is this role highly demanded, but well paid as well.

4. Flexibility

With the increasing data connectivity, people will be more flexible with their schedules and working remotely will become very common. Especially, developers will benefit a lot from this as this will provide them with flexibility.

5. Future

According to a research by Bureau of Labour Statistics, full stack developer jobs will see a massive increase in the coming years, and employment in the computer and IT fields will increase by 13% by 2026. With the worldwide economies and the Indian economy encouraging the growth of startups, the demand for this job is unlikely to cease.

6. Continuous Learning

This job continuously influences you to learn new things constantly. With the very fast-paced technological changes, doing the same work for a long time may bore you. At that particular time, upgrading your skills and knowledge will really help you a lot. A lot of online platforms and communities can help you with the skill upgrade to speed you up with the technologies required.