“Content is king” is a great phrase used by Bill Gates because, since the time this phrase came into understanding, the world has realized what a significant role content actually plays.

In the era, where ‘marketing’ is not a mere concept anymore, rather it has become a world of its own, content has a dignified place in that world of marketing and nothing can replace it.

The idea is that the content is central to all the marketing activities. Content is that expression that can make or break your brand, making it the most essential for the brand image. However, it is definitely achievable if done in the right manner.

For a person who is entering the world of marketing, content marketing is education or a frame of knowledge that is provided to different types of audiences by the marketer, which enables the audience to become the customer of the brand/product. Marketing works in the direction of how the audience gets the right knowledge. It helps the brand to earn the trust of the audience.

How To Lure The Audience

1. Stand out

The way of presenting content should be unique in a manner that grabs the attention of the audience in an instance. Creating unique content also provides an advantage for the product to stand out.

For example, conducting surveys or interviews to find out about what interests the audience, being aware of the performance of the competitors in order to have an inspiration and which also work as a challenge to perform better, use of search engines to explore different ideas, looking up to future events as it provides an opportunity to generate traffic for a specific period, and focusing and making use of trends.

A distinct piece of content does not mean that it goes beyond the understanding of the people, rather it should be created in such a way that a layman does not need any effort to understand it.

2. Develop interest through engaging content

Engaging with a creation depends on how compelling and interesting the information is. The audience would not spare their time reading about a product or watching a video that has nothing gripping to say. They always look for something that keeps their attention intact and has them wanting to know more.

The content should make the audience curious, and drive them to last till the end. The content strategy of Investopedia is so powerful that it brings in over 33 million visitors per month.

3. Know the perception

For having an audience that acknowledges, appreciates, and stays connected with the brand, it is important to know the behavior and thought process of the audience. The participant should always receive what they want or require, after all, it is the need of the customers that matter the most.

Only if the audience gets satisfied with what they are interacting with, they will choose to build a relationship with the brand. A healthy engagement and interaction with the brand’s content enhance the quality rate of the brand.

4. Try and test

There are instances when one thing works, and another does not. Not every piece of creation appeals to the audience and there are chances that your model or strategy completely fails.

In every challenging situation, one should always have multiple options to explore, and different doors to go to. In the world of marketing, it is known as experimentation (a/b testing), where you will try and test different creations, and always have a plan B in case plan A does not give you the expected results.

A smart planner will never keep room for regrets and will make sure that things work out in some way or the other. This is a perk when you work as a marketer; they leave no stone unturned.

5. Persistence is the key

The determination to be on the top, no matter how long or how difficult the journey is, will do wonders for any marketer. There are always possibilities that your ideas will not turn out to be as great as you thought they would be. In this case, giving up on the commitment is never the ideal solution.

Instead, one should take that flop as a challenge and put efforts in a different direction in order to achieve the desired outcome. Success does not come easy, and impressing a mass audience full of individual differences is a herculean task. It requires persistence and patience on part of the marketer so that the brand can create its own unique place in the market.

Trying out different content marketing strategies, observing and analyzing different kinds of results, and overcoming the shortcomings is the one and only way to lure the audience to the best of all.

6. Create it till you make it

The right way of marketing content is the way that serves the clearly defined audience in the best possible manner. Creating an identity that leaves a marked impression on the audience will have you know everything about not only your own brand but also about the competitor’s and why the audience should prefer to engage and connect with you and not with others.

A marketer, while creating content should make sure that the content is delivering the right information in the right manner, and all the queries about the brand are resolved, once the audience comes in contact with the piece of content.

At last, as a budding marketer, I would like for you to know that not only the new marketers face the competition in the industry but also the great personalities, because the phrase, “content is king” had to step back when Lee Odden stated, “content isn’t the king, it’s the kingdom”.

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Written by - Saniya Arif, Board Infinity Learner