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5 Soft skills that every Techie should have in 2022

5 Soft skills that every Techie should have in 2022

Many jobseekers undermine the importance of soft skills, and they’re the ones that are in demand. Sometimes soft skills are enough to land you the job you want because hiring managers sometimes look for these skills like a collaborative mindset, an adaptable attitude to effective communication. Research conducted by LinkedIn with Capgemini found that nearly 60% of organizations’ employees are lacking soft skills than hard skills which stands at 51%. These skills are much valued by your peers and recruiters it's essential you brush up on them if you lack in them. Let’s have a look at 5 soft skills every technology professional must-have.

1. Communication

The ability to communicate effectively is very important is crucial to the way you’re presenting yourself. It’s a direct way of understanding your personality and attributes. The hiring manager may ask you questions about your career choice/path and expect you to tell them about it. You need to take this opportunity to talk passionately because these are a few ways in which the recruiter gets an idea about your conversational skills. You need to communicate complex information from team to team and you should be able to handle it effectively.

2. Teamwork

You need to know how to work in a team. You need to remember that not only are you skilled, but the other members of the team are bringing a diverse range of skillset to the table, as well. Success will come only if the team works together in collaboration and supporting each other. Excellent teamwork will be rewarded in the organization as well. You need to have the ability to coexist and blend in with everyone professionally.

3. Problem-Solving

Developing a problem-solving attitude will help you solve complex issues at work, with ease. If you think the entire ride will be smooth, you’re wrong. Problems arise out of nowhere and panicking will send out the wrong impression. You need to tackle it calmly and proactively prepare for it. When problems occur, think with a calm mind about how they can be minimized and analyse its solution. As you handle more and more problems, your approach will tend towards being more proactive than reactive.

4. Customer Service

In today’s world, relationship building is as important as communication. Customer service is when you deliver the client’s expectations perfectly without leaving any scope for negative feedback. It also means rising to the occasion whenever needed. You need to harbor a conducive attitude and always be prepared for taking on challenges. You need to respect the client’s time and their unique personality, however, they are.

5. Inquisitiveness

Keep an open mind and ask questions at every juncture, not just to your colleagues but to your other peers, clients, or even other departments. Ask the right questions which will help your business and increase your knowledge base at the same time. Attend public events, meetings and conferences and keep your mind open to new ideas. Grow and be inquisitive and it will help you scale new professional heights.