Online Learning: Mastering Essential Skills

How to make the most out of online training programs

How to make the most out of online training programs

Online training programs are convenient, hassle-free, and on-demand. Technology has made education so flexible that you can learn whatever you want from wherever you want, whenever you want.

But, are you deriving the full value of the course and are you putting in the required efforts? Online training requires constant self-motivation and dedication if you want to make the most out of it. Let’s see how.

1. Mindset

Before you start off with the program, you need to tell yourself that you will do it. It’s all in the mind. When it comes to online training, you need to be disciplined enough to not put it away or procrastinate.

You have to promise yourself to ‘show up’ every day and religiously undergo the training. Once you start right, remaining all days will fall into place.

2. Time Estimation

It is essential that you plan and organize your schedule so as to fit in any studying and assignments. Your time management skills need to be solid, else you’re just doing another job of rote learning.

If you don’t have a schedule yet, then create one. Set timely reminders about the course dates and assignments. Keep checking your progress and keep changing your schedule as per your availability.

3. Routine

Once your schedule is ready, it’s time to start setting a routine. Take your lectures from a pre-planned environment always. This will make it a habit. The environment could be anything - the study room, a public library, coffee table, etc. - where you’re comfortable.

Keep all the necessary things ready beforehand, like a good internet connection, notebook, and pen, earphones for listening to audio if any, etc. This will help in building a routine that will be hard to break.

4. Focus

It is very easy to get distracted these days with mobile phones, music, TV, etc. You will find many reasons to lose focus--browsing social media, listening to some music, attending calls, or even multitasking. You need to shut off all devices and concentrate on learning.

Some people prefer music for concentration, or they cannot sit in quiet places. Figure out what works for you the best. It is also hard to continuously be at something and focus, no doubt. Take a 1-2 minute gap every 15 minutes to overcome monotony.

5. Reach out

Understand how your learning pattern is. You may probably learn better with visual aids, or you may not grasp as much on video as you do while reading, etc. You need to know how best you will accomplish the learning program.

Once you have done that, you can always reach out to the course instructors for support. Don’t be overwhelmed with the knowledge that you don’t understand. Instead, take your time to grasp and if you are not able to, then don’t hesitate to ask.


A self-paced online learning program will work the best only if you promise to put in the dedication and discipline needed. Once you do that, you will have a new skill added to your resume to flaunt!