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Why is it Important for Freshers to Work in a Team?

Why is it Important for Freshers to Work in a Team?

As a newly joined employee in a company, one need not worry about delivering top performance. Most companies have a training period or a probation period. This acts as a window for a fresher to learn.

In the initial months, the fresher becomes an asset to the company in various ways because of what he learns, thereby adding value in subsequent periods. But for that learning to take place, a supportive team is critical.

Let’s see the importance of teamwork for a fresher.

1. Inculcates The Spirit Of Unity

Working in a team fosters feelings of unity, togetherness, friendship, and loyalty. Especially because freshers are new to the workplace, building relationships are critical. When there is support from colleagues and working partners, delivering tasks becomes easy. Not just that, when there is a whole team working in sync, there is unity and motivation which helps in achieving goals.    

2. Mental Growth

A good team provides fodder for mental growth. Being a part of a big team helps the freshers learn new methods of working and puts their problem-solving and decision-making skills at work. As a team, people sit down and brainstorm, innovate, share different thoughts and opinions, and give constant feedback. All of this increases the freshers’ efficiency in output and thus contributes positively to their mental growth.

3. Learning Opportunity

Working in a team will allow the freshers to learn new concepts and skills from more experienced professionals in the team. Apart from that, they will be exposed to newer working methods, and fresh ideas, and will be motivated to participate in everything. This will in turn enable the freshers to think effectively and generate new ideas. The freshers will also have a unique perspective to bring to the table, which everyone will appreciate. All in all, it is an excellent training opportunity.

4. Boosts Morale

Combined efforts always bear fruit. When the team works together to achieve a goal, they reach it quickly and efficiently. This increases a sense of belonging and appreciation among the team members. For freshers, this is a great opportunity to learn team-building skills, a perfect time to build rapport with team members, and develop networking skills. This leads to improved morale and self-esteem.

5. Conflict Resolution

It is natural to have a clash of opinions and to feel differently about an issue. No two employees are the same, neither are their thoughts nor their personalities. The different work habits can sometimes be a challenge to get along with. Freshers, since they are new, have to learn to adapt and resolve difficult situations cordially, teaching the ways in which conflict can be resolved. Thus, they develop strong conflict resolution skills when they work in a team. This prepares them for the future.


In collaboration lies strength. Working in a team always has more benefits than working alone. It is imperative, especially as a fresher, for you to get the team experience early on in your career.