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5 Things You Should Be Doing on LinkedIn (Even if You're Not Job Searching)

5 Things You Should Be Doing on LinkedIn (Even if You're Not Job Searching)

You’re settled in your new job and you’re not looking for a change. All’s going good, till a colleague asks you, “Hey, why haven’t you added me on LinkedIn, yet?” Now, you’ve forgotten everything about your LinkedIn profile and really don’t think about it much since you already got a stable job in hand.  But that’s where your plan is going kaput. Why be on LinkedIn when I have a job? -- this question might be plaguing you. Let’s help you with 5 things to do on LinkedIn, even otherwise.

1. Build Connections

Make yourself available on LinkedIn. It’s a great chance to build on connections and create a huge network of people. People who you might have known in your previous office, or coworkers from your current organization, friends from your summer internship, all of them can be gotten in touch with. You can have a look at what everyone is up to in their professional lives and even help out somebody who’s in search of a new job opportunity. Always create a good professional bond with everyone, which will surely be of use later. Don’t wait to build connections only when you’re looking for jobs. Lay the foundation before itself.

2. Stay up-to-Date

LinkedIn actually has the news feed, in the true sense. It will always give you the latest updates on companies and industries you follow. It’s customized based on the algorithm of your actions. Whatever articles you like and share, plus whoever is there as a part of your connection network, plus the industries and influencers you follow, determines your daily news feed. You can catch up on all the trending activities taking place and you can even see what’s trending among your connections. Anything that adds value to your current career should be of huge worth to you, and the feed is just that. Check it at least once a day and make a habit of doing so.

3. Post Updates

Staying active on a network like LinkedIn may seem like a daunting task, but it’s worth it. Being noticed by your connections for your valuable thoughts and opinions can truly create a positive impression and build your brand image. Yes, you may be really busy with your office duties but make it a point to at least share articles from the industry you follow. Whenever time permits, do post original content as well. The more and more you do this, the more in-sight will you be. As and when more connections like and share your post, it helps build on your credibility.

4. Join Groups

LinkedIn helps you with engaging group discussions, relevant topics being discussed, people openly discussing opinions, all of this if you become a part of various groups. If you take some time out and do research, and join the groups which are relevant to your industry and field, you may gain a lot of leverage. Not only will you know about the latest happenings, but you’ll also get a chance to showcase your expertise on the topics being discussed. You can make friends who think, feel the same way and have similar ideas and thus grow your network massively. You will meet like-minded folks, receive/give professional advice whenever needed and it will also help you when you’re job hunting.

5. Gather Recommendations

This is like gathering valid and sound references who can testify your skills and achievements. They could be professors from your college, or superiors/peers from previous workplaces. You can slowly and steadily start accumulating recommendations from connections you’ve gathered. Recommendations work really well when you’re job hunting or recruiters scan through your profile for a potential position. One way to do it is, to directly ask your connections to give you specific recommendations. The other way is, however, to barter wherein you write for someone and he/she writes one for you in return. A well-written recommendation speaks a lot about you and is gold to collect and keep.

Doesn’t maintaining a LinkedIn profile, help a lot? Go ahead and get working on yours!