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How to Rank higher on LinkedIn search for your Skills

How to Rank higher on LinkedIn search for your Skills

You must have searched for a company, a person, or a job on LinkedIn. Have you ever wondered about the order in which search results appear? This is because LinkedIn also has its own search algorithm like Google’s. You must have heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But you thought it was only used for blogs and websites? That’s the same principle you use on your LinkedIn profile. We’ll look at that in detail below, where we will cover some tips on how to rank higher in LinkedIn search. Now, why is ranking on LinkedIn so important? Because you obviously don’t want to miss out on the recruiter’s attention when he performs a LinkedIn search!

1. Start with making a list of keywords that are relevant to your skills, industry, and interests. Keywords are important because they streamline your search intent. Whenever you search for a particular job, company or industry on LinkedIn, the top results are only because they have keywords in the right place. If you’re interested in digital marketing, then PPC, digital media, online marketing, SEO, SEM, etc. could be your list of a few keywords. Of course, there are many more and that you can brainstorm by looking up job openings in the same field.

2. Check Profiles of Connections who work in the same industry. Their career paths and their projects could help you understand your field of interest in depth. Accordingly, you can better your list of keywords and add them to your profile as well.

3. Add keywords in the right Places in your profile. Suppose you’re interested in marketing, branding, brand management, etc. as keywords. Keep a broad range ready. Add these keywords consistently in your headline and summary. If you have the same keyword in your past and current job descriptions, then nothing like it! You’ll show up among the top few searches of the recruiter’s.

4. Add a Location to your profile. Keep a 20+ km radius from your actual location so that you appear in the local searches. You can also set the cities you prefer a job in, or you can apply to a job which is outside your city, wherein you can explain to the recruiter that you’re ready to relocate. For instance, your residence location could be Mumbai, wherein your profile will show up for all local jobs listed in Mumbai, as well as cities like Pune, Delhi (if you’ve set preferences as such), or it can also show up jobs based on your skills in Bangalore, Chennai etc.

5. Customize your Profile URL such that it carries your location or your skills. This will really improve your chances of being ranked in search results. This also looks neat and clean and hits it off with the recruiter as well.

6. Ensure your Profile is 100% complete, by checking the profile completeness bar on the right of your profile. It often shows the percentage of your profile completeness basis the details you’ve provided. A 100% completed ‘Expert’ profile ranks higher in the search results as compared to the one that’s not complete.

7. Make sure your Profile is public so that it appears and is visible to the public eye in the first place. Else, whatever amount of keywords you add will not make a difference.

8. Stay Active by posting regular updates regarding your industry or job profile. Take part in discussion forums, express your opinions, post blogs or status updates on anything that is relevant to your professional life. People that are active, rank higher than the ones that are not.

Making these changes does not guarantee first place in the search results, but for sure improves the chance of it. So, go ahead and do them as soon as possible!