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How to start professional networking in college

How to start professional networking in college

Networking is simply building connections professionally so that you can learn about various business opportunities. Networking was always essential. Good networking can land you great job opportunities, can help you build long-lasting work relationships (which will eventually help you reach where you want to), and also help in getting promotions!

How to Network

Many of you are still in college so you are probably wondering how to network like professionals in college itself? Here are some state-of-the-art techniques to get you started!

1. Join Alumni Networks

Most colleges have alumni networks, thanks to social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. Being a member of an alumni group is very beneficial. Alumni are students who have graduated college before you and are now employed in various organizations.

You could always benefit from interactions with your seniors and alumni-who might refer you to their respective bosses. Don’t miss an opportunity for meeting up at alumni events. Socialize, get to know your seniors and you’ll be hatching golden eggs in no time.

2. Connect with your Professors

Your professors are a treasure trove of knowledge, no doubt, but they also have immense experience in their particular fields. You could always approach any of them for help and guidance regarding your career path and your career goals. They will help you iron out all your concerns, and help you draw a future plan of your career choices.

There may be some of you who are interested in teaching. In that case, your search ends right here! Don’t limit yourself to approaching professors who only teach you. Try and approach professors in other departments as well.

3. Competitions and Hackathons

These kinds of events bring together people from different contexts. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded individuals like you who are interested in the same topics of interest. Hackathons and competitions that way are great because they encourage group effort and collaboration.

This way even introverts are encouraged in a healthy manner to mingle and network with other people. Participation in such hackathons and competitions can also ensure you build great team-building and communication skills, and gain oodles of experience.

4. Be active in your Lectures

Lectures are equal to snoozing for a lot of you, but just staying alert and active during your lectures will pay off. Make your presence felt and make sure the professor notices you. Try to ask questions, answer the questions posed by the professor, participate in group activities, approach your professor after class with doubts, etc.

Remember not to overdo all this. Doing all this in the right amount will help establish a positive relationship.

5. Activate LinkedIn

All those connections made need to be maintained. LinkedIn is a great place to stay active and connected with peers and professionals. You need to consistently work at staying in touch with them and maintain your professional relationship strong. After all, the job search has undergone a sea change and this platform will help you not only network but will also help you land the job of your dreams.


The fastest way to build your career up was, and still is, networking. No matter what your field of career is, networking is the basic building block if you want to advance. Not only does it help in gathering more knowledge, but it also allows more and more opportunities to land at your doorstep. So, what are you waiting for? Start networking and accelerate your career!