Effective Email Marketing: Strategies for Engagement and Deliverability

How to Avoid Spam Filter And Improve Email Deliverability

How to Avoid Spam Filter And Improve Email Deliverability

In 2020, the share of spam in email traffic amounted to 50.37%. With Spam Filters and ISPs working harder than before to reduce inbox irrelevancy, it is of utter importance to learn what is spam & how to avoid spam filters to improve your email marketing campaign’s deliverability.

What is Spam?

Spam refers to unsubscribed, unsolicited or unsafe emails sent for the purpose of advertising, phishing, or spreading malware.

All your hard work to create the perfect Email copy would be in vain if your emails go to the spam filter.

Spam negatively affects your campaign’s deliverability rates. The spam filter is the ultimate roadblock that can hinder your email marketing campaigns.

Ways to Avoid the Spam Filter

1) Avoid purchased Email list

While a purchased email contact list may seem like the easy way out but it increases your email bounce rate and they do not help you grow your business.

Sending emails to people who have not opted in, can result in legal ramifications and could potentially destroy your brand.

2) Be Compliant

While compliance cannot guarantee you to avoid spam, it can help you bypass ISP roadblocks, and make sure your email is compliant with major governing laws such as CAN-SPAM GDPR, CASL, CCPA.

3️) Send Personalized & Optimized Email Copy

Create an optimized email copy by having clear formatting & by using text and images in the right proportion. An email with no text or all image email copy is destined to be in spam.

Send personalized and relevant content to your recipients to improve your deliverability. Personalization can be done by segmenting your email contact list.

4️) Avoid Dirty Tricks

Spam filter scans your email copy. Avoid using spam trigger words and phrases in your copy. Avoid using “all caps” in your copy. Do not attach too many links and links that direct to suspicious websites. To avoid spam filters, Do not use deceptive subject lines and avoid misleading claims that do not match with the message you want to convey.

5️) Monitor your Metrics and clean your email list

Monitor your email engagement metrics such as open rate, bounce rate, spam complaints, and delivery rate regularly.

Remove the contacts that are inactive and those who do not wish to receive your emails anymore. Experience improved delivery rates to the inbox by cleaning your email contact list

6️) Use a reliable ESP

ESP with low scores on IP addresses of their senders is bound to be blocked by providers like Gmail, Rediffmail, Yahoo, etc. Team up with ESP that has greater credibility to ensure undisturbed inbox delivery.

7) Use Spam checking Tools

Before sending an email be sure to analyze it. Use online email analyzing tools such as Mailmonitor, to find spammy content and broken links, buttons, images to improve deliverability.

8️) Optimize your Email Sender Name

Sender name is the first thing people look at when deciding to open the email, they prefer an email from businesses that they are familiar with. Choose a name or title that will be recognizable to your recipients.‌‌‌‌