Effective Email Marketing: Strategies for Engagement and Deliverability

How To Create Engaging Content For Your Email Marketing Campaign?

How To Create Engaging Content For Your Email Marketing Campaign?

Your subscribers may get tons of E-mails every day. Where most of them are ignored or never opened. People usually don’t have plenty of time to open and read every E-mail separately. Therefore, you have to do something unique and interesting to make users open and go through your E-mails.

So, how do you do that? You make sure that your content is on-point. If your content is engaging and well-curated, you will be able to make your emails hit home and get your brand the leads it needs.

Tips For Writing Engaging E-mail Content

Here in this guide, we have mentioned some best practices to follow while creating content. You should plan your E-mail marketing campaign from the first impression which is the “from” section.

1. Look Professional by “From”

The “from” section is the first thing that a receiver sees when an E-mail lands in their inbox. If the person in the “from” section has an informal or jokey name, then the email will not look legit, to begin with.

If the recipient is a newsletter subscriber, then you should send the E-mails via your business mail. And if you are sending an E-mail to some of your close friends, the “from” name should be your own name. However, if you want to add a personal touch to your business E-mails, you can set the name to (i.e., XYZ from XYZ Company). Of course, you won’t be sending emails to close friends if you are handling an email marketing campaign, but what we said above was just an example.

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2. Create an Attractive & Unique Subject Line

The subject line is the second thing that a user notices when receiving any E-mail. Having a brief and interesting subject line increases the chances of your E-mail being opened.

As an E-mail marketer, you have to send E-mails regularly. Making unique and catchy subject lines can be difficult since you have to create a lot of them day in day out.

Luckily, there are a lot of online tools that you can take help from when writing your subject lines. For one, you can simply use a paraphrasing tool on your existing subject lines to make them unique and more engaging.

Here is an example of how this would look in action:

Link: https://www.rephrase.info/

As you can see in the image above, the tool changed the subject line and replaced the word with a suitable synonym.

3. Keep the Body of E-mails Short & Concise

People don’t like reading long emails because they usually don’t have a lot of time at hand. If you want to make your emails hit home, you have to stick to brevity as far as both the subject line and the main body is concerned.

Now, you could have trouble keeping the body of the content short and concise right from the get-go. You could have, for example, a lot of features that you may want to elaborate.

Even if you want to start off with larger content, you should summarize it afterward using an online summarization tool. There are many such tools that you can find on the internet. Here is how a typical summary tool works:

Link: https://www.summarizingtool.net/

But, when making your content concise, you should strike a good balance. If you make the email too short, you could end up leaving the reader confused rather than “enlightened.” As far as the main elements of your mail are concerned, you should mention them in their entirety. But, the fluff and formality that usually accompany emails should be either reduced or totally removed.

4. Add Visuals in Your E-mail Content

Remember to divide your content into an 80/20 split. In a good email, 20% of all the visible content is images and visuals.

However, when it comes to adding images to your emails, you have to be a little mindful of a few factors.

When adding visuals do take care of:

  • Don’t make content that contains images only
  • Always add only relevant images and video
  • Add visuals that are up to date
  • Use images of the same dimensions
  • Use .jpg, .gif, or .png format only.

Here, you should also take care to make the image/visual responsive. In other words, it should be easily loadable on both desktop and mobile.

5. Add CTAs to Your Emails

If you want to engage your readers with your emails, adding CTAs can be a good idea. CTA stands for “Call to action,” and it is basically a prompt to the user to take a particular action. For example, if an email is about a certain product, the CTA could involve a statement telling the reader to buy it. Similarly, if the email is about a certain service, then the CTA could be a statement prompting the reader to get a quote.

In order to make your CTA more attractive and engaging, here are some tips that you can try out:

  1. Use short and engaging text
  2. Make the CTA a button that redirects the reader to your website
  3. Make the CTA brightly colored so that it stands out against the rest of the message

Final Words

We could have said a lot on this topic, but we’ve omitted them for brevity. We have tried to put all the apples in the basket. These tips can help you a lot in making your content valuable for an E-mail marketing campaign. Do acknowledge if you like this post and try to implement the above-mentioned tips in your next campaign.

If we wanted to sum up the tips that we’ve discussed above, we could simply bring it down to content quality. When your content quality is proper, you will be able to convert your email recipients into leads. And, of course, you should make your emails responsive and optimized for both mobile and desktop users so that everyone can easily view them.