How to find the best Digital Marketing course in India

How to find the best Digital Marketing course in India

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The future of digital marketing in India is bright. According to a report by Mckinsey, India is the second-fastest digitising economy in the world. From learning a new recipe on YouTube to calling people across the globe on Whatsapp, everyone is in the crux of the technological revolution. Businesses are catching up too, by advertising on websites to optimising voice searches. This shows why the demand of skilled digital marketing specialists, is on a drastic rise. According to a study by KPMG and CII, the value of the digital marketing industry will exceed INR 255 billion in 2020.

Digital marketing is indeed the hottest-growing career of this century. There are a lot of benefits to doing a digital marketing course. There are a lot of classes in the market, which are promising you dedicated support, career guidance, placements, networking opportunities and live projects to work on. You are bound to get confused with the plethora of options available. Want to get the best digital marketing certification, but don’t know which is the best class available to do so? You need not worry because so many other digital marketing enthusiasts are facing the same concern--some freshers, some students, some IT professionals, some managers, etc. We will help you understand the factors that will help you do a great job of choosing the right digital marketing classes for you. Read on!

Map out your objective

Your reason to join digital marketing needs to be crystal clear. You cannot have a herd mentality, in the sense, you cannot make a decision to opt for this career only because it is booming and everyone around you is opting for it. You need to have a solid reason as to why you want to pursue this field--it may be for business needs, for monetary needs, for a higher position in your job, career change, etc. Only if your objective is clear, will you be able to stick to this with discipline and complete it.

Understand your interests and goals

Once your objective is in place, identify where your interest lies exactly. Digital marketing is a vast field having a lot of subsets like Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, etc. Read up about each of the sub-field and talk to your colleagues or professional connections on LinkedIn to understand what each specialisation entails. You need to develop an interest beforehand itself, only then will you be open to learning new concepts each time. Write down your future goals and make sure the interest you have chosen, aligns with your goals. Don’t worry if you don’t know where your interest lies, because that can be figured out once you start taking digital marketing training, but your goals need to be fixed.

Map out your career path

As explained above, the field of Digital Marketing is vast and you can choose to be a specialist instead of a generalist. You don’t need any special skills to become a successful digital marketer. Just enrolling in a good digital marketing course for beginners would do the trick. You can further opt for advanced digital marketing once you have grasped the basics. Once you choose the perfect classes and complete the course, you will be scaling new heights!

Your first step would always be to perform a quick Google search ‘Best Digital Marketing Classes in India’. You will instantly see results which will tell you which are the top institutes. The class’ rank on the search engine will tell you how popular it is, or how it fares among other competitors. Nowadays, digital marketing has caught up with businesses so much, that it may so happen that the classes may have used smart SEO to rank on top. So, don’t base your decision only on the search engine ranks. Check up their online presence--check their profiles on Social Media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They might even have YouTube channels with informative videos. Such social networks also have testimonials and reviews which will be genuine. Once done with online proofing, check offline by calling them and verifying details you have found online. All this will help you shortlist a few options, at least.


Of all the options that you have researched, you need to decide if you want to take offline classes or do it online. This will depend on your availability, monetary considerations (class fees), course duration, modules covered, placement provided, coaches, location and convenience. Do a proper comparison among all these factors so that you are able to make an informed decision. Nowadays, almost all features of an offline class are available in an online class as well. Take this Digital Marketing Learning Path offered by Board Infinity, for example. It is personalised as per your capabilities, covers 6 modules in-depth, covers latest skills and tools like Google AdWords certification, 1-to-1 coach mentoring by subject-experts from top companies, live projects to work on, placement assistance and an assurance of a lucrative pay--all this online, from the comfort of your home! With such flexible and convenient options available, it really becomes a tough choice. Choose well!


A lot of classes offer a trial session or a trial counselling, which you can opt for before you plan to register for a digital marketing course. You can choose that session to see how comfortable you feel with the teaching method, and you can also clear all your doubts. Check if the classes are offering certification after you have completed the course. Certification is very important and serves as proof that you have taken professional taken and that now you are a digital marketing expert.

Follow these tips to choose the best-suited digital marketing class for you based on your needs. It is probably the best career decision you will ever make!

Talking about Digital Marketing careers, watch this video to see how a digital marketing career journey looks like!

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