1. Introduction

What is Digital Marketing? It is advertising done through electronic channels such as social media, emails, mobile applications, search engines, etc. Born years ago with the advent of radio--transmission of news and advertisements through wireless signals, digital marketing has come a long way.

It involves all activities carried out online for promoting a service or a product. For instance, think of the last purchase you made online. Didn’t you have a plethora of options for the same product offered by different sellers, each giving a different discount or a reward? You probably researched and took an informed buying decision. Therefore, online purchase behavior is important to businesses, and they are trying to understand it. This means that online presence is mandatory.

The future of digital marketing in India is bright. According to a report by Mckinsey, India is the second-fastest digitizing economy in the world. Businesses are catching up too; by advertising on websites to optimizing voice searches showing us why the demand for skilled digital marketing specialists has ramped up drastically. According to a study by KPMG and CII, the value of the digital marketing industry will exceed INR 255 billion in 2020.

The Digital Marketing channels are the facilitators of all kinds of marketing efforts happening online. The key is to integrate the functioning of all these various channels so that there is effective digital marketing that takes place.

  1. Content Marketing to resonate with the customers and educate them about their needs and problems and show them how you solve them.
  2. Efficient Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to make sure that content is visible on the top few ranks of search engines
  3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to drive traffic to your website where you are actually talking about your offerings.
  4. Social Media Marketing to engage and make your followers share your brand’s updates with their followers, and Email Marketing to establish a long-term relationship with the consumer and give them what they want.

2. Scope and Job Roles in Digital Marketing

This digital-first world requires digital marketing professionals and is providing lucrative opportunities for all the new ones. While digital marketing is a huge umbrella term, it has various domains within itself as seen above. While each of the channels above is extensive, a professional needs to have knowledge of all to bring maximum output and ROI.

It is important for new-age marketing professionals to be aware of the latest trends, developments, and strategies that are involved in digital marketing these days. Organizations are constantly on the lookout for individuals with relevant competencies in the digital marketing space and are willing to pay big bucks to get the best digital marketing talent on board. LinkedIn job report states that digital marketing is the most in-demand skill, currently.

The various job roles that can be taken up are digital marketing manager, SEO specialist, SEM specialist, content strategist/developer, creative technologist, social media marketer, web designer, blogger, etc.

3. How to get Certified?

Wondering how to learn digital marketing at home? There are more than 4 billion internet users in the world at present. Reaching out to this massive audience requires technical know-how and skills. Digital marketing courses can help you sharpen and hone your competencies. It is advised to opt for digital marketing online training, which connects you to leading experts from the industry and your peers for unique mentoring and networking opportunities.

Not only that, the experts guide you from the learning phase till you are placed. Who gives such a personalized treatment online? Board Infinity’s Digital Marketing Learning Path, does. Let us look at what all it offers.

With a comprehensive learning path designed with 100+ hours of online classes, it helps a beginner understand all the fundamental concepts of digital marketing and all its tools. Along with expert guidance in every step of learning, there is also a coaching session organized for all students where the experts from the industry guide and help the students to prepare for their dream job interviews.

Not only does this course impart an in-depth understanding of the subject, but it also gives practical exposure by giving a chance to work on real-time projects. You can absolutely dream of becoming a successful digital marketer within 4 months! Let us have a look at the digital marketing subjects and syllabus which will be taught to students.

4. What will be Taught?

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Understand what digital marketing constitutes, why it came into being, and what are the different domains in it. A basic understanding of the topic is very much necessary if you want to become an expert in it. These fundamentals will answer all your questions and give you a detailed idea of the basic concepts. Concepts like the 4Ps of marketing, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) process, website structure and design, social media management, content marketing, etc. will be covered extensively.

Consumer Behaviour

We had seen an example of online purchase behavior which shows why understanding ‘how’ a consumer behaves while making a purchase, is important. It is the determiner of all of your marketing strategies and will determine your segmentation and targeting too. Therefore, understanding and analyzing consumer psychology becomes important. This is what you will learn in this module.

Social Media Marketing

Every business needs to be present on social networks these days to engage and communicate with its audiences. It also serves as a cost-effective platform to run advertisements (maximum ROI), which is why businesses have started to heavily increase their digital spending. You will learn to manage a business’ presence on social media, run campaigns and monitor it’s progress.

Not all advertising methods are organic. In times of increasing competition, there is a need for businesses to stay relevant and be noticed. Paid ads let you do that by letting you advertise on each medium differently, allowing you to deep-target the native consumers of that platform, and helping you understand what makes their potential leads and finally conversions.


Search engines are your dictionaries of today. So much that, people service their electronics by watching videos or reading guides online these days. Therefore it is important that your website too features in the top search engine ranks. SEO and SEM help you do that organically and monetarily, respectively. Through the course, you will have a better understanding of how each function works independently and why they are so important and complex.

Web Analytics

All the above marketing efforts are sure to yield results in terms of increasing website traffic, visitors, conversions, etc. Google Analytics helps you learn how to analyze your campaign performance using various parameters and what can be improved.

What are you waiting for? Become a complete digital marketer with this extensive and personalized learning path and get your dream job too!

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