How to Create the Ideal Resume that Gets Picked by Hiring Managers

How to Create the Ideal Resume that Gets Picked by Hiring Managers?

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Hiring managers go through dozens of resumes every day. You need to make your mark on them in the few minutes you get when they view your resume. It is a challenging job indeed, but it’s very much doable.

You need to know what an ideal resume looks like & which aspects of your resume to tweak to make it more appealing and sellable. The merits need to be called out and in a very strategic way.

Let’s see what you can do on this front.

Scan keywords

The importance of keywords in an ideal resume is the highest because they exactly convey information which the recruiter wants.

One look at your resume should tell the recruiter your area of expertise. If the resume is not tailored in such a way, the recruiter might not pick your resume simply because he won’t register the contents while reading it.

The keywords should match your strengths as well as the job description you’ve applied for. Now if the recruiter is looking for a certain candidate, the skills and qualifications should match on your resume. Scan your resume and make the required changes.

Stress on skills

You need not list out all the skills under the sun. You may be great at Photoshop, but if you’re applying for a finance position, that skill will not have any value addition.

The recruiter also doesn’t want to know how much you love reading or delegating tasks. Here, you need to talk about the core skills you possess and those which will help you on the job.

These skills should be an indication of the professional you are. Neither should they be exaggerative nor should they be cooked up. You can be asked questions pertaining to what skills you included, so be judicious while writing them down in your ideal resume.

Format the work experience

Here’s where umpteen number of candidates drone on about their previous jobs, wherever and whatever they were.

The recruiter is really not interested in knowing you did a summer internship with an ice cream company, but rather what you did there.

While you need to tell the important responsibilities you’ve handled in each position, there’s a way to present it. Include all work experience in bullet points only, and support all your responsibilities or achievements with numbers.

Moreover, add only work experiences that support the current job application. Anything that is irrelevant can be removed. This shouldn’t look like a life story but like employment history.

An online presence is a must nowadays if you want to work in any job industry. Add your social media links in your ideal resume, so that the recruiter can click on them and get to know you better.

This is important as it gives the recruiter an instant chance of knowing you better and makes him take an informed decision. This also means you need to keep your social network clean and not ramble on about questionable topics. One look at your LinkedIn will tell them a lot about you and the presentation of information will get the attention of the recruiter quickly.

All this effort you’ll take is only for those golden 6-20 seconds the recruiter will read your resume. If you follow the guidelines correctly, you’ll surely be offered that job you’re aiming for!

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