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Data Scientist Resume - Sample & Step By Step Guide for 2022

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Data Science is one of the most thriving fields in the world right now. The demand for skilled professionals in Data Science, Data Analytics, and related domains such as Artificial Intelligence has been increasing by the day.

Many candidates fail to get shortlisted among others even though they have the necessary skills and despite their abilities to use important technologies. Why? A non-impressive or sub-par resume. A resume or C.V. that is not too impressive can have a negative impact on HR executives and recruiters.

Essential Components of a Solid Data Scientist Resume

Your resume should be brief but factually descriptive. An example of this would be talking about your experience in each of the companies you have worked for. However, you should only talk about relevant roles that you were tasked with or the skills you have acquired while you were working with a company.

Let us suppose that you were an intern in company X then it would be preferable that you do not talk about the history, work-life, or objectives of company X too much. Instead, you should focus on mentioning the technologies that you used while working there or the responsibilities you were given in short and crisp points.

Now, let us find out the important components of any good Data Science resume template.

1. Introducing Yourself

Introducing yourself in a way that leaves a great impact is crucial for encouraging your recruiters to keep reading your resume. An interesting introduction also allows HR executives to remember your profile and shortlist it.

A solid introduction should not be too large and must only highlight the most important aspects of your resume and your career. You can choose to either talk about your personal skills or the contributions that you have made to other companies.

2. Accomplishments

You must have a “Key Accomplishments” or “Accomplishments” section in your resume where you can provide a list of the projects or results that you are proud of. Many individuals choose to include this in the “Introduction” section, however, it is suggested that you use this section to separately talk about the kind of success you have experienced.

3. Education

Education is one of the most essential components of a resume, based on which, a major part of the shortlisting is done. It helps to have a good GPA or percentage (results) during your bachelor’s or master’s, however, it is not the only thing that matters.

You should clearly mention your specializations and the subjects that you have focused on or learned. You can also choose to include any special courses or projects that you have been involved with.

4. Work Experience

Your Data Scientist resume is not complete without your work experience, however, if you are a fresher, you can skip this section. If you have completed any internships, you can also mention that here.

Now, when it comes to your work experience, you must be brief but you must specify the kind of tasks you were involved with or the responsibilities you were given. If you have any additional career accomplishments that you have not previously mentioned, you can mention those under the relevant companies.

5. Skills and Technologies

Technologies such as Excel, Tableau, SAS, Rapid Miner, and programming languages such as Python, R, or Scala are essential for Data Scientists. Data Scientists must also be comfortable in working with various frameworks and libraries for Data Science such as SciPy, Pandas, and NumPy.

There are also foundational SQL technologies such as MySQL and SQL Server or NoSQL technologies such as MongoDB that you can learn as a data scientist. Alternatively, you can also pick up distributed file systems such as Apache Hadoop. Regardless of your preferential technology stack, you must mention all the technologies that you can use.

Similarly, you can mention all the additional skills you have such as cloud computing, data visualization, and AI-related skills. It is highly suggested that you learn technologies such as TensorFlow if you wish to work with AI.

6. Certifications

In this section, you can mention all the certifications that you have. It is also recommended that you provide your certification ID (numeric or alphanumeric) so that employers can easily verify your certificates.

The Data Science online course offered by Board Infinity can definitely help you improve your career prospects as it is a holistic Data Science program that teaches you all the essential skills and technologies you will need as a Data Scientist. You can also choose to get certified in blockchain technologies. Business analytics is also a very remunerative domain that you can choose to get certified in.

7. Soft Skills

Soft skills are necessary for any job role and this is true for data scientists as well. Employers want their new recruits to have excellent business communication skills and workplace ethics. This also means that they will need to spend less time, resources, and money to train a candidate in soft skills.

Thus, it is recommended that you always mention a few soft skills in your resume. You can also choose to add qualities such as logical reasoning, problem-solving abilities, and team player and leadership abilities.

8. Data Scientist Sample Resume

Now, let us take a look at a Data Scientist sample resume that you can use as a reference when building your own resume. Alternatively, you can also use a Data Science resume template.

Here is the Data Scientist Sample Resume

Arijit Bhattacharya | Data Scientist

9163-XXXX-XX | | | Kolkata, India


Mid-level data scientist with over 4 years of experience in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Analytics. Helped in developing a data model that is used by company X to sustain their new production processes. Contributed to developing BI dashboards and making data accessible for organizational use in company Y.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Helped in improving the marketing performance of company Y through customer behavior analytics and predictive modeling for sales.
  • Modeled the data architecture and helped prepare training data for production AI in company X. This helped the company achieve a 50% increase in production output.

Technologies and Skills:

  • Programming Skills: Python, R, Scala, C, C++, Java, and GIT
  • Statistical Analysis Tools and Analytics: SAS, Excel, Tableau, and SPSS
  • Data Skills: SQL (MySQL, MariaDB), NoSQL (MongoDB), Apache Hadoop, Apache Mahout, Apache Spark, Hive, MapReduce, Rapid Miner, QlikView, and HBase
  • Business Intelligence: Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Office Suite (Azure)


  • BSc in Data Science: University of X, 2018 | Kolkata, India | 3.8 GPA (2014 - 2018)

Studied Data Science with mathematics, statistics, and computing. Additionally, I took courses on Big Data and Data Analytics. Also participated in Data Visualization projects and real-world predictive analytics models.

  • Postgraduate Program in Data Science: Z University, 2020 | Online | 4.0 GPA (2019 - 2020)

Studied more advanced applications of Data Science and Machine Learning. With the help of the knowledge gained during my PG program, I could finally work with Artificial Intelligence and upgrade my skill set with new technology stacks. I was also introduced to Scala, R, SAS, and MATLAB during this program. Additionally, I learned the applications of cloud computing and how it can help with numerous Data Science pipelines.

Work Experience:

  • Company X (Years)
  • Company Y (Years)


  • Data Science and Machine Learning with R
  • SAS Certified Data Scientist
  • IBM Data Science (Associate Level)
  • Certified Analytics Professional, CAP
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)
  • Microsoft Azure Architect (AZ-303)
  • Python Certification

Soft Skills:

  • Good business communication
  • Listening and solid comprehension abilities
  • Negotiating and possessing the ability to understand requirements
  • Punctual and good work ethics
  • Team player and possessing the ability to collaborate with different departments
  • Leadership skills when needed

Data Scientist Resume Examples and Templates

Here is some Data Science sample resumes for freshers and experienced Data Scientists:

  • Freshers:-
  • Data Scientists (with 3 to 5 years of experience):-
  • Senior Data Scientists:-


With the above-mentioned points and provided sample, you should be now able to build a solid Data Science resume for freshers or professionals both. You can additionally also check out some sample career objectives that you can mention. This is completely up to you as many data scientists prefer to not mention their career objectives.

However, in many cases, employers do wish to learn about your future goals and aspirations. Career objectives help recruiters compare what they need or expect from you and what you expect from the company, thus, allowing them to find a common objective to initiate your employment process.

If you are new at this, or just want to learn more about how to build the perfect resume then you should check out Board Infinity's free resume builder course. Whether you are a fresher, student, or a working professional, this course is for everyone. Learn how to write a strong resume, find new resume formats, understand the action words and skills you should use in your resume, as well as find sample resume templates. Take this course and create a perfect resume for the job of your dreams.

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