Advanced JavaScript: A Deep Dive into the Core Concepts

Javascript vs Typescript: What is the Difference?

Javascript vs Typescript: What is the Difference?


What Is JavaScript

Nearly all online browsers now support Javascript, which was created by Netscape in 1995. However, Node.js may also be used with it for server-side programming. These scripts may be added to HTML documents, which the browser can then understand at runtime.

What Is TypeScript

It may be used to develop server-side and client-side web applications. Code written in TypeScript is converted into JavaScript code before being executed. For this, either Babel or the TypeScript compiler are employed. Typescript supports static typing. A feature called static typing checks the precision of a variable type during compilation. This makes it simpler to identify Type errors and address them quickly during compilation.

JavaScript Vs TypeScript



This scripting language aids in the development of interactive web pages.

The superset of Javascript is this. Along with several other characteristics, it has the features of Javascript.

Brendan Eich at Netscape designed it, and ECMA keeps it up to date.

Anders Hejlsberg developed it for Microsoft, which currently maintains it.

During execution, Javascript code is interpreted.

Compilation before exection

Type Static typing is not supported by Javascript.

Supports both static & dynamic typing

It works best for modest projects.

It is helpful while creating substantial or intricate undertakings.

The browser directly executes Javascript code.

The Typescript compiler compiles Typescript code before it is run by the browser.

JPrototyping is not supported by Javascript.

It's feasible to prototype.

It is simple to grasp and learn.

In contrast, it takes time to learn and master.

Due to the lack of support for static typing, no build setup is necessary.

Static typing requires the NPM package.

Bugs can only be discovered during runtime because there is no compilation.

It's possible to find bugs while compiling.

It has strong community support and excellent documentation for any problems one might run into.

Not much of the community has embraced it yet.

Code Comparison

The sample code below illustrates how Typescript and Javascript might be used to write the same piece of code. This snippet of code demonstrates how Typescript and Javascript can be used to add two integers.


function add (a, b) {
return a+b;
var c = add(a, b);
console.log ('The result is - ' + c);


function add (a, b) {
return a+b;
var c = add(a, b);
document.write ('The result is - ' + c);


JavaScript over TypeScript

Although Typescript is superior to Javascript in most respects, Javascript still has several benefits over Typescript.

  1. As a scripting language, JavaScript may be run directly in a web browser. On the other hand, in order for the browser to execute TypeScript, it must first be built using the TypeScript compiler.
  2. Because Javascript allows static typing, which takes more time, it is advised for smaller applications rather than Typescript.

TypeScript over JavaScript

Because Typescript is a superset of Javascript, it has several more functionalities that Javascript does not have. As a result, the benefits that typescript has over Javascript are listed below:

  1. Javascript is preferred for smaller projects, but TypeScript is chosen for the creation of large or complicated applications.
  2. Javascript does not provide optional static typing for the language, whereas Typescript does.
  3. Compared to Javascript, Typescript makes code reorganization simpler.
  4. This speeds up the process of finding and repairing Typescript code issues.
  5. When compared to Javascript code, Typescript code is more condensed and well-organized.
  6. Because TypeScript is a type-checked language, developers can build programs with confidence and without worrying about unintentionally introducing data-related mistakes.

Websites Using TypeScript Vs JavaScript

Yahoo, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, and other well-known websites have all been created using JavaScript.

Microsoft, Google, Alibaba Travels, Accenture, and other well-known companies are a few examples of those who use TypeScript.