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DDL and DML Commands: Explanation and Differences

DDL and DML Commands: Explanation and Differences


Have you heard something like DDL commands? Do you know how we can use DML commands? If not, then don't worry. Board Infinity will help you to clear all these doubts.

In this article, we will discuss DDL and DML commands. We will discuss what those commands are and how we can use them. So basically, records are listed in a database system. The SQL commands are divided into the DML, DDL, DQL, and DCL categories. Here, we'll talk about DML and DDL and how they differ. DML (Data Modeling Language), DDL The key distinction between DDL and DML is that the former focuses on database structuring while the latter concentrates on database manipulation. Let us understand them one by one.

DDL: What is It?

Data Definition Language is referred to as DDL. The DDL commands aid in defining the schema and other database objects, as well as the database's organizational structure. Because DDL commands are automatically committed, any database changes made with them are saved for good.

DDL commands include the following:

  • DROP

So let us discuss why we need this.

Need of DDL

To use the DDL, these are the reasons:

  • Enables you to keep shared data
  • Data independence increases reliability
  • Allows numerous users
  • Enhanced data access and security

DML: What is It?

Data Manipulation Language is referred to as DML. As implied by its name, it manipulates the database's current data. DML commands don't permanently save the changes they make. We have the option to undo our changes in DML. Thus, DML commands are not automatically committed.

The DML has the following commands:


So let us discuss why we need this.

Need of DML

To use the DML, these are the reasons:

  • You can alter the data kept in a database using the DML statements.
  • Users may specify what information is required.
  • Among database providers, DML is available in a wide variety of flavors and capabilities.
  • It allows for effective human-system communication.

Let us understand the difference between DDL and DML commands is.

Difference Between DDL and DML

Here are the differences between DDL and DML:


In this article, we have discussed DDL and DML commands. While DML helps in data management, DDL helps in defining the structure of the database. The DDL commands are CREATE, ALTER, TRUNCATE, RENAME, and DROP. DML commands include SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE. Unlike DML, which is not auto-committed, DDL is. We can undo modifications made to tables in DML, but we cannot do so in DDL.