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Advanced Algorithms and Problem Solving Techniques

Advanced Algorithms and Problem Solving Techniques

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Advanced Algorithms and Problem Solving Techniques

How To Start Competitive Programming - A Complete Guide

A Quick Guide to Breadth-First Search

Depth First Search (DFS) with Explanation and Code

Difference Between BFS and DFS (with code and diagrams)

How to Perform Level Order Traversal?

A Quick Guide to Backtracking Algorithm

Solving N Queens Problem using Backtracking

Quick Guide to Divide and Conquer Algorithm

Longest Increasing Subsequence Problem

Quick Note - Greedy Programming v/s Dynamic Programming

Coin Change Problem: DP and Recursion Approach

A Definitive Guide to Knapsack Problem

How to Solve Subset Sum Problem?

Understanding Huffman Coding in detail

Understand the working of KMP Algorithm

Longest Common Substring Problem

Longest Common Subsequence problem: solved

A Quick Guide to Manacher's Algorithm

Learning About Bipartite Graphs

Graph Coloring Problem: Explained

Detect Cycle in Direct Graph

Directed Acyclic Graph: Representation

Prim's Algorithm: Explanation, Code, and Applications

Working of Kruskal's Algorithm

Prims and Kruskal algorithm for Maximum Spanning Tree

Bellman Ford Algorithm in detail with code

Floyd-Warshall Algorithm and its Implementation

Understand Travelling Salesman Problem

Branch And Bound Algorithm: Explained

How to Evaluate Postfix Expression

Introduction to Round-Robin Scheduling

Disjoint set (Union find Algorithm)

State Space Reduction in Algorithms

Apriori Algorithm

What is A* Search Algorithm?